Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fall Anime Power Rankings

Everything in this post is just my uninformed opinion, so if you're a fan of a show I rank low, try not to be too annoyed ^_^ This list's confined to fansubs coming out for series that are airing this fall in Japan...there'll be mild spoilers for episodes that are fansubbed (my Japanese still sucks too bad for me to watch raws):

Rank: Title (episodes watched / episodes total)

#1: Shagukan no Shana (5/?) - Episode 5 revealed a little more story and seems to be pushing this arc towards a close. So far with a combination of action, drama, and romance, this is my favorite show this season. A lot of people called Yuuji a wimp at the start of the show, but given his situation I think he did better than most people would--after all, not many people would put themselves between a sword and a complete stranger. Shana's character has the most potential for development, since the way she acts in the OP is nothing like the way she acts through episode 5. When this hits R1 DVD, I think Geneon will be getting more money from me...

#2: Karin (1/26) - Just the first episode out so far, but this has the best chance to knock off Shana from the top of my list. The story of a vampire girl who can stand sunlight and produces extra blood instead of sucking it from her victims. I've read the first two volumes of the manga, and have really been looking forward to this--hard to tell how the rest of it will go from the first episode, but so far the animation, voice acting, and everything else is really good.

#3: Aria (4/?) - A lot like Yokohama Shopping Log, slow-paced and relaxing. Curious if a plot is going to develop or if it'll stay slice-of-life, but looks like the latter. I wasn't real impressed at first, but as the cast as grown I like this more. If you thought To Heart was "slow", probably best to stay away, but I really like this.

#4: Da Capo Second Season (12/26) - Just one shot of Kotori in all of episode 12, as this continues to be "Aishia Screws Up Show". Although in ep 12 she actually did something useful, but I think that's a first. Really wish they hadn't brought Nemu back so early, but I've read more Kotori screentime is coming, and I like the rest of the cast, so I'll keep watching.

#5: Canvas 2 (6/?) - In episode 6 we get the obligatory beach fanservice, but the plot seems to be moving towards Hiroki x Kiri and Elis x new guy Shouta. I'll be disappointed if it ends up that way, since I'm rooting for Elis--she's obnoxious at times, but she's a more fun character to watch than Kiri. If Elis "wins", this will go back up in my rankings ^_^ Hiroki is a great lead character, and Canvas 2 doesn't fall into the "girls fawning all over male lead" trap.

#6 Pani Poni Dash (10/?) - Completely insane. But when it's funny, it's really funny. Genius 10-year old teacher Rebecca Miyamoto teaches a class of crazy people, is watched by aliens, and has a pet talking rabbit whose nemesis is a cat that lives in a vending machine and keeps soda at "body temperature" by holding it until its armpits. Not even sure how to describe this show, but it's funny just to see what they'll think up next.

#7: Mai Otome (5/?) - Didn't like Battle Royal High School Mai Hime all that much, but I like Mai Otome so far. Could go either way depending where they go with the plot, not much has been revealed so far. I hope Mai doesn't come back, since I'd rather see the new cast get more screentime, but I have a bad feeling her return is just an episode or two away. Mashiro is the best princess/queen ever.

#8: Nanoha As (3/?) - Hard not to feel like a roripedofiend watching the transformation sequences, but still an interesting show to watch, as good as its predecessor. It'll be interesting to see the motivation of the "bad guys"...Nanoha does a good job of avoiding the "white hats vs black hats" thing and giving its "bad" characters good backstory. For example, in the last series the "enemy" (Fate) was all buddy-buddy with Nanoha by the end--it'll be interesting to see if they pull that off again this time.

#9: Zettai Shonen [Yokohama Arc] (19/26) – I'm still having trouble getting into the Yokohama arc and the new cast. The first 12 episodes set in Tana were awesome, but think I'll wait until the rest of this is fansubbed and then marathon eps 20-26. It pains me to rank it this low, since the Tana arc was better than any anime series I've seen in a while.

#10: To Heart 2 (2/?) - I really wanted to like this, since I loved the original To Heart and while To Heart 2's animation didn't look stellar, it still beat the living hell out of Remember My Memories. The male lead for this show, though, is so generic it's painful--this show needs Hiroyuki back. And after episode 2 I just don't get why 4chan worships Tamaki. I thought the male lead (see, I can't even remember his name he's so generic) was going to soil himself in fear when Tamaki was after him, he must be allergic to being smashed by girls' breasts.

#11: Shuffle (14/26) - Not sure why I'm even watching this...actually, I think Asa and Mayumi are the only reasons. The Primula arc has finally brought the drama and put an end to the "I live to serve Rin-kun" babbling from the other girls/doormats. Sia meets Rin once years ago and decides her purpose in life is to marry him? She needs to get a life...don't even get me started on Kaede or the rest. As male leads in harem shows go, at least Rin isn't a total loser, but he's definitely a man-whore, one ep he's almost kissing Sia, the next Asa, and so on. Getting close to "dropped" status, although I have to admit I'm curious what's up with Asa's illness.

#12: Lamune (1/?) - Just watched the first episode--pretty generic so far. Nanami, the female lead, acts like she's still five years old, and Ken, the male lead, is pretty generic. Disk space is cheap but I'll probably drop this.

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