Monday, November 21, 2005

Paniponi 14

Episode 14 of Paniponi shows that Becky's older sister sucks at cooking, because her version of a BLT is a little different than most people's. I mean, at least cut the head and the legs off first, for the Love of God.

If there's a plot to the episode, it's Becky's scheming to get other members of the cast to make her lunch, because she doesn't want to make it herself and whatever else her older sister may be, she's sure as hell not Iron Chef Bento. Rei, as we saw in the camping episode, has l33t cooking skillz, but she refuses to just make Becky's lunch for her, hoping to get her to try her best to do it herself instead. Becky does just that, but her genius powers don't carry over into cooking, much unlike Chiyo-chan's. But in the end Rei sees Becky tried her best, so Rei makes her a lunch, with everyone chipping in.

Almost sounds like a Lifetime Movie of the Week doesn't it? "Becky's Hidden Lunch Struggle", or something hellish like that...but this was really a good episode of Paniponi, with lots of the usual insanity. The tanuki kicked ass, I love how it can transform to look like anyone--but with a tanuki's face. Reminds me of the tanuki in Urusei Yatsura who falls in love with Shinobu--now that I think of it, that tanuki had the exact same issue, it could transform to look sort of like people, but it still had a tanuki's face and a tail. Maybe tanuki have a reputation for incompetence.

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