Monday, November 14, 2005

Paniponi Dash! 11-13

Wow. Just when I think the writers can't be any more insane, they find a way to prove me wrong, and get me to laugh while they do it. New fansub group "gg" has probably broken the Fansubber Code of Ethics by starting from the last ep Oyasumi did--I was afraid it would be a poor quality speedsub, but I'm happy to say gg did a really professional-looking job. I like how gg put the longer translation notes and the blackboard translation in a separate PDF file to keep from cluttering up the screen too much--it'd be awesome if all groups did this (although most series probably don't have as much of a need for it as Paniponi does). The six pages of notes shows that gg really put some time into this--reminds me of the exhaustive translation notes Animeigo did for Urusei Yatsura.

Paniponi has no plot, doesn't show any signs of developing a plot, and has a gigantic cast for a 26-episode series, which would usually all be strikes against it in my book, but somehow Paniponi makes it work. None of the cast gets any deep character development, but all their quirks work together to make it funny--it's a lot like Galaxy Angels that way.

Episode 11 focused on Rokugo, who's seen riding in a car after school with someone who the rest of the cast assumes is her boyfriend. Jiji's mad driving skillz gave me flashbacks to Yukari-sensei in Azumanga...good thing Japan has good mass transit or Becky'd be having a hard time getting around.

Episode 12 has the mysterious aliens doing some monitoring that ends up leading to the usual suspects finding themselves in Himeko's dream world, which is just as bizarre as you'd expect.

Episode 13 has the school, and Becky in particular, targeted by delinquents. Regrettably, Harima didn't show up at all. Although towards the end there's a good Cardcaptor Sakura reference.

A couple more random thoughts:

- Shuffle 16 was good, but a lot of other people are blogging it, so I probably won't blog Shuffle regularly. I liked episode 16, although it lacked the drama of the Primula arc, and Sia/Kikyou's story I don't think has as much potential as the whole Primula-Nerine-Licorice arc did. At least looks like episode 17 wraps this up and then it'll be hopefully on to Kaede's and Asa's arcs, which sound like they have more potential.

- Anime Blog Toshokan is a brilliant idea, one of those things that changes how you use the internet. I used to have a handful of blog sites bookmarked, and I'd do an "open in tabs" in Firefox to look through them all for shows I was interested in. Post-ABT those individual bookmarks get no use--instead in one place I can see a feed of everything everyone's blogging, and I get to read a lot of blogs and opinions I otherwise wouldn't get exposed to. AnimeBlogger Antenna is the same concept, although I like ABT's layout better personally.

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