Friday, November 11, 2005

Shuffle 15

It figures that right after I rank Shuffle 11th out of 12 shows I'm watching, it redeems itself with a really good episode. Not quite Negima episode 19 good, where Sayo-chan stood like a shining, ghostly beacon, blocking out the mediocrity that was the first eighteen episodes of the series. Episode 15 of Shuffle wasn't THAT good, but it wasn't bad either, and if that's not a vague statement I'm Akamatsu Ken.

The fifteenth episode of Shuffle brings an end to the Primula arc, and seems to be steering the series towards a "Rin picks a girl" ending, instead of the "Rin marries everyone and moves to Utah with Rentarou from Futakoi Alternative" ending that I was afraid was coming. Rin, Kaede, Sia, and Nerine come to the Castlevania Research Centre for Artificial Life and finally meet Primula (which Rin should have decided to do about three episodes ago and skipped the angst). Rin calls out to Primula, but she doesn't respond--and then, miraculously she does, and I'm getting ready to roll my eyes. But then her power starts to go berserk, and it looks like she'll have to be destroyed--until Licorice shows up in Nerine's body to save the day, and then to say her last goodbye to Primula. Licorice leaves to join the Galaxy Angels (she'd be an awesome sixth angel, she's got the name for it) and Rin and Primula reunite.

Back at home after the commercial break is where things get even more interesting, as Rin and Asa are talking and joking, and Nerine gets the Petoko Award for Figuring Out Person X Likes Person Y. Nerine realizes Rin likes Asa and that Rin likes Asa as well even if he doesn't realize it yet--she says as much to Asa and implies it to Rin later when she does the kokuhaku thing in the park.

Next episode focuses on Sia, who takes an even bigger helium hit than usual before recording the episode and turns into her other half Kikyou. I can't even read the title of the next ep without picturing Inuyasha yelling KIKYOUUU~ into the wind, his arm outstretched towards the empty void as a doomed Kikyou falls off a cliff / is enveloped in liquid magma / gets hit by a Coors truck / goes into Applebee's expecting good food / and so on and so on. Seriously, how many times is Takahashi going to kill Kikyou before she just stays the hell dead?

But back on topic, it'll be interesting to see what they do with the last eleven episodes of Shuffle--will it be Rin x Asa? Of all the girls, she's the least doormat-like, so she gets my vote. Or will Asa's arc play itself out in the next couple eps and we'll move on to Rin x Everyone or Rin x someone else? Time will tell...but if it does the copout Rin x Everyone ending I'll burn this to DVD and take it to a firing range.


ultimaweaponx said...

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suguru said...

Thanks--I think I've ended up writing too much since I have a lot of free time at work lately ^_^ Hope my rambling can be entertaining though, thanks for the encouragement.