Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Da Capo Second Season 17-18

Episode 17:
Aisia follows Nemu around for a day and discovers that she does all the cleaning, cooking, etc for Junichi, who pisses Aisia off by seeming to completely take it all for granted. She finally blows up and says as much to Junichi in front of Nemu, but Nemu explains later while she'd be happy if Junichi thanked her, Junichi being happy is enough for her. This episode made me like Junichi less, but the way they showed how couples that have been together a long time can anticipate each other's needs (well, at least Nemu can...) and operate on the same wavelength was really well done. Looks like Aisia is getting even closer to "using her magic" to help rectify the situation though. And when Aisia uses magic, you better watch out...

Episode 18:
Sakura, my least favorite character from the original Da Capo, returns in this ep, after Utamaru leads the cast on a wild goose chase. After a second where I think Junichi was wondering if Nemu was going to try to strangle Sakura's loli ass for what she did in the first season, she hugs her instead and we get some bath service as Nemu and Sakura are reconciled. It was very un-Nemu like for Nemu to just smile when Sakura's hugging Junichi to show him her breasts are (slightly) bigger, but I'm sure Nemu was thinking "try all you want, Sakura, he's my bitch now." When Aisia finds out Sakura's related to Grandma Yoshino, she looks like she just won the lottery--so you can bet Aisia will be calling Sakura "shisho" before long and following her around hoping she'll teach her magic.

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