Sunday, December 11, 2005

D.C.S.S. 16: Aisia and the Horror of Hatsunejima

Following episode 15, which closed out the all too short mini-Kotori arc, episode 16 takes a more dramatic turn, as Aisia tries to come to terms with how she can make everyone she knows happy--and stumbles upon Hatsunejima's horrifying secret.

Aisia's day starts innocently enough, although Nemu is getting on her nerves generally being Nemu and Aisia ends up storming out of the house, since she's a Kotori fan. Aisia goes to a park and thinks about what Kotori told her before about happiness...and she runs into Misaki. Misaki tells Aisia she likes Junichi too, and thinks Aisia does as well. In fact, Misaki says she thinks EVERYONE wants Junichi to take them to the Boneyard--and that's when Aisia's blood starts to run cold. What kind of messed up world could Hatsunejima be, where every single girl falls in love with Junichi? Junichi's nice and all, but why don't ANY of the girls she knows have a crush on anyone ELSE? Aisia's eyes widen with horror as she gets a brief glimpse of the truth, but she has to confirm it herself first...

Aisia starts with Tamaki, who denies liking Junichi, but while practicing archery her arrows make a heart shape. Aisia runs into Nanako, who's caught drawing doujinshi with her and Junichi going at it like rabbits on Viagra. Next Aisia overhears Mako and Moe's plans for a threesome. Miharu's more obsessed with bananas than Junichi, but Aisia figures she's probably retarded so she doesn't count. Alice tells Aisia she likes Junichi. Thinking about it, Aisia realizes she's starting to like him too. She realizes there is only one possible answer--Junichi is a magician, a greater magician than he ever let on, and he's been brainwashing every last girl on Hatsunejima to fall in love with him, like some kind of sick game you can buy in Akihabara. Overwhelmed with horror, Aisia wants to scream with the fury of a million exploding suns--but then she realizes that only she can end this nightmare. The episode ends with Aisia at a garden supply store, buying a set of pruning shears you could cut down a small tree with...

OK, the episode didn't go like that at all, but it would have been great if it did. I know, it's a renai game so of COURSE all the girls like one guy, but damn. When you add all the girls who like Junichi up, like Aisia did in this epiosde, you'd think you'd question reality just a little. It does look like Aisia's getting closer to doing "something" about the situation, since in her eyes it looks like Nemu and Junichi are happy, but everyone else, herself included, is kind of screwed.

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