Friday, December 09, 2005

In the Wake of the Week (#2)

* Paniponi (ep 16): Awesome episode--I'm not a huge Ichijou fan, but this was hilarious. The "rabbit missile" part was great, it was uncharacteristically good luck on Mesousa's part that he didn't actually get launched into space. So in this episode we learned the alien captain has some kind of relationship with Ichijou...but Kami-sama only knows what. Maybe it's better not to know. Oh, and the principal has a helicopter available for the staff. Tuition at that school must be a damn fortune. Wonder how National Monument got a pilot's license, you'd think he wouldn't be able to reach the controls. Then there's poor Miyako getting her forehead stuck in the wall...Roukgou's attempt to comfort her didn't really work ^_^

* Mai Otome (ep 8): think this episode was setting things up for a fight between the current crop of Otome in the future? It's like the writers sat down and said "our audience is really, monumentally stupid, so we're not just going to Foreshadow here, we're going to Foreshadow With a Goddamn Sledgehammer." So now we know at some point in the future a war will break out and Erstin, Nina, Arika, etc. will have to fight, although right now Arika doesn't want to. Nina, on the other hand, is ready to lack the smackdown on her friends at any time, although I bet if she had to fight Sergay Wong (*snicker*) she'd change her tune. Just when I think they're going to get into more serious mode though, next episode is Natsuki in a thong. Wonder if the tentacle monster will come back...

* Da Capo Second Season (ep 13): A good episode that finally gives us some backstory on Aishia and why she's obsessed with magic and making people happy. I still wish DCSS was focused on Kotori more than Aishia, and it's hard to understand why Nemu and Junichi haven't gotten any further in their relationship given how far it had gone in the first season. I mean, the original series they sleep together, now in DCSS they're embarrassed when Aishia walks in on them about to kiss--it's like their relationship has regressed. You'd think they'd wait for Aishia to fall asleep and then get down to business, but I guess Nemu and Junichi aren't really the focus of DCSS anyway, so far it's all Aishia.

* Shakugan no Shana 9: Pool episode! Lots of fanservice, and Shana shows some more signs of being jealous when Kazumi tries getting close to Yuji, although Shana probably doesn't realize it herself. Shana signing up for the couple cavalry battle in the pool as soon as she hears you can get all you can eat melon pan was pretty funny. It looks like the Kazumi-Yuji-Shana love triangle will get a little more development next episode, before the next adversary appears and the series switches back to swordfighting mode.

* To Heart 2 ep 3: Much better than episode 2, where Tamaki was just annoying and Takaki just went and hid like a little wuss. In episode 3, Takaki is actually useful, helping Komaki-chan bar code old books in the library archive. Komaki's kawaii, and it was nice to see her character develop during the episode to the point where she stood up for herself at the end and managed to keep what was important to her. The guy who's in charge of the library club needs to be taken back behind the woodshed--how the hell did he get elected president? It's nice to see To Heart 2 following the same path as the original as far as focusing on the girls more than the male lead, hopefully that'll keep up as it goes on, since Takaki…well, he ain't Hiroyuki.

* Da Capo Second Season (episode 14) - Finally, more Kotori! Nothing against Aishia, but the "I'm going to screw up trying to make everyone happy" schtick was wearing a little thin. It's hard not to feel bad for Kotori, still pining after Asakura although she knows he's fallen into the clutches of Nemu, never to escape. They really need to put a much better guy than Asakura in the show and pair him with Kotori. That and how come Kotori hasn't sung anything yet? I think she sang every other time she appeared in the first season, but nada so far in DCSS. Moe sure as hell is never going to drown, it's amazing she can walk upright with those things. Anyway, got to like a Da Capo beach/onsen episode. Suginami and Asakura going to the beach with nine girls--guess that's the way the guy-girl ratio always goes in harem shows. It makes me wonder what Kudo-kun did to not get an invite, since the rest of the cast was there...although I still suspect Kudo's really a girl, maybe he declined because the beach would've blown his cover.

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