Friday, December 23, 2005

In the Wake of the Week (#4)

* Paniponi Dash (ep 17) - More pure comic genius--this time it's the school festival, and Becky's class does a maid cafe, which means plenty of fanservice. Rei would give Nanami from El-Hazard a run for her money when it comes to running a business. Although I wonder what the "Ichijo Matsuri" really was...then again, maybe it's better if I don't know ^_^;

* Shakugan no Shana (ep 11) - Ike is trying way too hard to set Yuji up with Kazumi. But I guess Yuji tried to do the same thing for (the original) Yukari-chan. The highlight of ep 11 was Alastor playing the overprotective father and Chigusa smacking him down and setting him straight over the phone. I think Alastor has a lot of respect for Chigusa now ^_^ The incest-shimai seem to be about to make a move, so we'll see if we're back to fighting next week, but I'm liking the character development so far.

* Aria (ep 9) - Akari and her friends go to the countryside to visit the legendary "mother of all undines" who was the big undine star back in her day, when she first started Aria Company. Akira is hoping Grandma (yes, that's what everyone calls her) will put them through training to help her become the best undine possible, but in the end it turns out like a vacation, and Grandma just tells them if they enjoy what they're doing, that's what really matters. I want a house out in the countryside like that, damnit... Next episode is an onsen ep, although since this is Aria and not Hanaukyo Maid-tai, I'm guessing there will be towels involved the whole time.

* Karin (ep 7) - Karin's friend has some really, really bad taste in guys. I mean, let's review: his name is pronounced 'Wiener'. He's a vampire hunter but doesn't realize Karin's a vampire. He faints at the sight of blood. He dresses like he's halfway to a padded cell next to Kaede's. Did I mention his name is pronounced 'Wiener'? I guess it's good Usui has nothing much to worry about from his new "rival," but so far I'm wishing they hadn't introduced Winner/Weiner's character at all. Still some good Karin moments in this episode, though, so the series is still high up on my list.

* My Otome (ep 9) - Arika is beaten down by exam week but rejuvenated by a school trip to the ocean--but then it turns out they're not going to the beach to play, that's just the starting out point for a 100km hike they have to do as an exam. Arika and Erstin are paired up, but someone tampers with their bags, and after Erstin gets bit by a snake an injection that's supposed to help her makes her collapse from a fever instead. Arika goes to get help but runs into a Bad Guy and she falls off a cliff.... Back at the ranch, looks like Akane actually has an interest in guys--good for her, since the rest of the students seem obsessed with Shizuru. Shizuru may have more girls in love with her than Junichi from DCSS, and that's saying something. Personally, I'd rank Shizuru near the bottom of the list, but whatever floats their yuri boats, I guess.

I'd do some kind of rankings for 2005's best series/best characters/best vending machine with a omnipotent cat inside it/etc. like everyone else, but since I've only been blogging for two months (and I'm lazy) I think I'll skip that this year. Hope anyone reading this has a great Christmas and New Year's! ^_^

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