Thursday, December 01, 2005

In the Wake of the Week

Random thoughts on this week's anime...a day early since probably won't post at all Friday:

* Shuffle (through ep 19): Pardon my use of clinical psychiatric terms, but Kaede is one crazy-ass motherfucker. I think right around the box cutter incident I'd cart her off to the Funny Farm for some serious therapy. Sure, you can say Kaede went through a terrible tragedy, and that's very true, but lots of orphans don't go psycho. Looks like Asa will win, but Rin's a fickle little bastard (it wasn't that long ago he and Sia were planning to start a big family when they were "stranded" on the beach) so you never know.

* Mai Otome (through ep 7): The episode with the tentacles in the pool was entertaining, but talk about walking right up to the line--why not just make it full-blown hentai if you're going to get THAT ecchi? Mashiro continues to be my favorite character, though, she's got Fine and Rain beat hands-down as the most unprincessly princess ever. Got to like a queen with a serious attitude problem.

* Aria (through ep 6): The "left hand punishment campaign" makes me think Alice could be winding up in the same zip code as Kaede before long. If she thinks her left hand is useless, wait until her biology teacher gets to the appendix--she'll be breaking out a box cutter. Yeah, this episode made a nice point about how people support you without you realizing it, and so on, but episode 6 just rubbed me the wrong way. Your roommate starts spontaneously singing in the middle of the night and you don't think that's odd? Sure, it's been a long time since I was in college, but if my roommate started busting into an operetta at 3am, I'd be calling Campus Security.

* Paniponi (through ep 15): Went back and watched all 15 episodes--the staff of this show must go through more drugs each week than your average hospital. The bus being stuck on the edge of the cliff the whole episode in ep 15 looked like it would be boring, but it was still pretty funny. Miyako's denial of reality was hilarious.

* Shakugan no Shana (through ep 8): Shana kicks ass. She even uses her own name now, which is pretty cool. Now that she has a name and more confidence, it's a matter of time before she starts talking trash during fights. From the preview looks like episode 9 is the oppai battle in the pool, which Shana's going to lose hard. Shana should take a page from Mahoro's playbook and just keep reminding everyone bigger isn't always better and big breasts cause back pain, etc. Kazumi better watch out, or Shana's "intent to kill" will take her the hell down. Swordfights are good, but looking forward to rabu comedy next week.

* Comic Party Revolution (through the end): Not a terrible ending--not great either, but I'm sad this is the last of CPR. If they continue it with another season someday, my vote is to give us the Kazuki x Mizuki ending they seemed to be aiming for with the original Comic Party. But plenty of filler eps focusing on the rest of the cast is good too--that's something CPR did much better than the original, giving the entire cast their time to shine. My favorite's probably Asahi-chan, although it pains me that Taishi would undoubtedly say the exact same thing...there's an alarming parallel for you...

* Karin (through ep 4): Awesome. The manga's awesome, the anime's awesome, J.C. Staff didn't have the "animators" who worked on Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo work on this--all I can say is awesome. Rabu comedy with a reverse vampire just can't go wrong. I'm glad it's not as ecchi as the OP, though, I'm a firm believer that when a series crosses a fine line the fanservice starts taking over and you end up with crap (*cough* Girls Bravo).

Next week: Looking forward to more DCSS, if Shinsen puts ep 13 up on BT. I am way too old to learn IRC...

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