Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shakugan no Shana 10

Another good episode with the spotlight on Shana and Yuji's relationship. Yuji's understandably a little depressed--getting your butt kicked by a little girl every morning can't be good for your ego, even if it is in the name of training. Shana, on the other hand, at school is acting jealous of Kazumi and protective of Yuji, even if she probably doesn't realize it herself. By the end of the episode though, it feels like they've taken another step down their respective paths, with Shana wearing a normal dress (kawaii~!) and Yuji becoming a little stronger and realizing although he may not kick ass and take names yet, he can still be useful to Shana just by being at her side. I really like what they did at the end of the episode, showing how even when you're killing a monster, it's still a traumatic experience, even for Shana.

I remember hearing once that one of the big disconnects between men and women is women like to talk about their problems just to get them off their chest, while when a man hears a woman tell him her problems, he immediately tries to come up with solutions, rather than just being there and listening. I guess I'm mentioning that since it seems like Yuji had a similar misunderstanding, thinking since he couldn't fight well yet he'd be useless to Shana, but not seeing that just his presence can help give her strength, even if his fighting skills need to be leveled up a lot.

Anyway, good to see a character development episode, and to see both Shana and Yuji slowly changing. Chigusa (Yuji's mom) kicks ass, it's funny how she seems to have decided Shana and Yuji make the perfect couple and gives good advice to both of them. Next episode should be interesting, Alastor versus Chigusa--I'm thinking Chigusa wins hands down, she's easy to underestimate. Plus it looks like a new enemy has arrived, in the form of siblings who are a little too Nemu and Junichi close, if you catch my drift...

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