Monday, December 19, 2005

To Heart 2 (ep 4)

Episode 4 of To Heart Deux is out, and it's another good episode, focusing on Manaka's friend Yuma this time. I like Yuma because she's filthy rich, but doesn't act like it at all. If anything, she comes across as kind of a hothead, versus the anime ojou-sama stereotype you normally see. I kept thinking at any moment she was going to burst into the ojou-sama laugh (think Ayaka from Negima, Ayeka from Tenchi, and probably a billion other examples I can't think of right now) but she didn't. To Yuma's credit, she acts normal and down to earth, although she can be a little irrational.

For example: let's say you're late to school, so you're on your bicycle doing Mach five-point-three. Someone's unfortunate enough to be in your path and you smash into them with your bike. Later that day that same person hits a home run and the ball nails a water nozzle and drenches you. After that, your grandfather comes to pick you up from school. You could call that karma maybe, but nooo, to Yuma this is a clear sign--even your grandfather showing up is all Takaki's fault because Takaki is targeting you! I guess on the Kaede scale, Yuma's nowhere near crazy, but she still seems to be looking for a fight.

Yuma eventually opens up a little to Takaki, telling him she promised her grandfather she'd take over his business when she grew up, but now she resents it because it feels like someone else is deciding her future for her. Plus she has to take Economics class after school, which is enough to piss anyone off. Takaki gives her some good, if a little obvious, advice to be honest about her feelings, and she leaves feeling a little better, even after getting spanked by Takaki in air hockey.

I like how Manaka got some air time too, and they show some of Manaka and Yuma's friendship--like the original To Heart, it's not ALL about the male lead (which is good, since the male lead is Takaki). In some other harem shows the girls all live to become the male lead's bride and don't seem to have any lives or friends outside of that goal, but in To Heart and To Heart 2 they seem to have a little more depth of character. Overall, I liked this episode, looks like Karin is up next and then, finally, Ruuko.

If you want to find out more about To Heart 2, bluemist's blog has some amazingly thorough walkthroughs of the girls' scenarios from the game.

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