Monday, December 19, 2005

Zettai Shonen (end)

Zettai Shonen is kind of hard to describe, and like YKK it's probably one of those series you either love or hate depending on your tastes. It's not filled with action, or written for an audience with a 10-second attention span, but it does have a great cast, good character development, and in the Tana arc awesome atmosphere. If you want action, swordfights, and monsters in your anime, avoid Zettai like the plague. But if you want to get pulled into a world that's more complex and mysterious than it first appears, Zettai is a great choice.

I marathoned the last seven episodes, and I'm glad I did to avoid the suspense of waiting. I won't go into detail on the plot, since I suck at doing that and Matthew has really good plot summaries for each episode already. It seems like I'm in the majority in that I liked the Tana arc much better than the Yokohama arc--it was just easier to identify with the cast in Tana, and the atmosphere in Tana was perfect for what was happening. In Yokohama the material fairies just seemed out of place somehow, and the cast as a whole just didn't pull me in like the Tana cast did. Although it was cool to get to see Ayumu two years later, and to get to hear Miki again, even if it was just on the phone.

The ending was better than I expected, although it didn't explain everything about the warm and cold colored lights, I think Ayumu gave a decent theory for what they were. Besides, I'm not sure how you could write a perfectly conclusive ending without it seeming completely out of place with the rest of the series. If Dosshiru had suddenly taken human form and starting pontificating to Ayumu and Sukuwara about how the material fairies came to be and why they cancel each other out, I think it would have just seemed really wrong. In the end, Zettai isn't about the material fairies, it's about the characters and how this experience changes them, and it tells that story very, very well.

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