Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ucked Fup Anime Awards - January 2006

I know, no one does end of month awards, but I've got to keep my vast audience on its toes and change things up a little...

* Best Series I Thought For Sure Would Suck Sweaty Monkey Balls: Fate/Stay Night
I really expected to watch the first episode and then delete this forever--after all it's a series about a war for the Holy Grail, where "masters" summon "servants" of seven different classes to fight for them. It was based on a visual novel, but based on what I'd read about it, it sounded more like a bad RPG-turned-anime. Wrong. It's got a great tsundere character, Tohsaka Rin, and while I'm more a Rin fan than a Saber fan (I'm a sucker for tsundere), I can see why Saber has her fans as well. Fate/Stay Night just has a solid cast overall, and while there's action, there's a lot of good drama and potential for character development. In the action/drama/romance category, this is right up there with Shakugan no Shana. Speaking of Shana, Fate/Stay Night so needs a "Fate/Stay Night-tan" extra where the cast is in chibi mode. Oh, and if you got to this entry by doing a Google search for "suck sweaty monkey balls" then...well...you should probably get help.

* Best Character Who, In the Name of All that is Holy, Needs to Get Run Over by a Cement Truck: Weiner Sinclair (from "Karin")
I know, I know, his name should be "Winner" but he'll always be "Weiner" to me. I know, gaijin are supposed to be funny, but Weiner's pronunciation of Japanese is worse than mine, and that's what I use as the gold standard of suckage. A vampire hunter who falls in love with a vampire probably sounded funny to the manga-ka at the time, but while it was funny for the first five minutes, it got old really fast. Weiner's a vampire hunter, Karin's a vampire, and he likes her! Get it? Weiner's out hunting vampires and runs into Karin's father--but doesn't realize he's a vampire too! HA HA! I just soiled myself from laughing so hard! (end sarcasm) Weiner is too incompetent to be a real threat to Karin or her family, too annoying to be comic relief, and has zero chance of being a rival to Usui for Karin's affections. So why is he there? Yes, the fact he keeps calling Makki "Karin's friend" to her face is a little funny, but that just makes Makki's crush on him even more inexplicable and sad. This guy single-handedly wrecked watching Karin for me...which probably makes Karin the winner of "Most Anticipated Series that Turned Out to be Really Not So Good" if I had a category for that.

* Best Chibi in a Short Animated Feature: Shana-tan (from "Shakugan no Shana-tan")
The Shakugan no Shana-tan short, an extra from the R2 DVD, is just hilarious. They should do a whole series with Shana in chibi mode, eating melon bread on Yuuji's head. Kazumi going "I'll kill her" was classic, I thought she was going to go into full-blown Kaede Mode any second. Shana-tan is definitely the best use of chibi I've seen since Mini-Goddess.

* Worst Surgeon in Anime: Doctor Natsume (from "Hantsuki")
Seriously, what is his problem? You can say he's doing it all because he likes Rika, but since he's probably 30 and she's in high school that's like saying "sure, he acts like a prick, but he's only doing it because he's a child molester." Let's hope the shinigami take this guy the hell down in Rika's place.

* Best Comedy - Winter 2006 Season: Magikano
I've only seen three episodes so I shouldn't give this award this early, but Magikano's been a blast to watch so far. A close runner-up would be Kage Kara Mamoru, but the Ayumi-Maika battles, better animation, and more service give Magikano the edge.

* Best Region 1 Anime Distributor to Release a 100+ Episode Series: Animeigo
Animeigo gets the win for Urusei Yatsura, and after having preorders with them open for the last seven years, it's hard to believe it's finally over. Lum's Stormtroopers salute you.

OK, I'm out of categories...until next time...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Kage Kara Mamoru 1-2

This is never going to win any awards for animation quality, but Kage Kara Mamoru is an entertaining series so far. At first glance it's easy to write this off as a generic harem show--there's your glasses-wearing ordinary student (Keitaro from Love Hina, Haruo from Magikano, Anyone from Just About Any Harem Show in the Last Decade) and there's the girl who literally lives next door, Konnyaku Yuuna. Konnyaku, for those who don't watch Iron Chef regularly, is a seriously nasty Jello-looking thing that's nicknamed "devil's tounge." No, I've never had it, but with a nickname like that I don't think I'm missing all that much. Yuuna, on the other hand, is kawaii but seriously ditzy--basically, think a clone of Milfuelle from Galaxy Angel only possibly even more ditzy. She can't count beyond ten since she only has ten fingers, so she's not going to be setting the curve on any tests anytime soon.

While Yuuna's pretty much what she seems, the male lead, Mamoru, is anything but--he appears to be your average guy but he's really a ninja, whose family has protected the Konnyakus for the last 400 years. When Yuuna gets kidnapped by the yakuza, he takes them out with ease, standing in front of a gatling gun and slicing bullets in half. I mean, sure, I could do that too, but it's good to see Mamoru's much more than the average male lead you'd expect in a series like this. Mamoru's not the only ninja, since his parents also protect Yuuna's parents, and they're also expert ninja.

Someone compared this to Shinobuden, and while it's not THAT insane, it's still fun to watch. The cast is slowly growing as episode 2 introduces Tsubaki, a swordswoman with a sword that can cut anything (almost) and is duped by the yazuka into going after Yuuna. It's hard to tell so far if Mamoru's relationship with Yuuna's going to develop any or not--she pretty clearly likes him, but is he watching over her just out of obligation, or something more than that?

Two groups are subbing this, OOM and ShinTabi, and while an English teacher would cringe at some of the subs, to me they're good enough to get what's going on so it really doesn't bother me. The animation's just so-so, but the ninja angle makes this a much more interesting story than it would be otherwise, and Yuuna's ditzy as hell but hard not to like. Out of this season's romance/comedy series, I'd rate Magikano highest, but Kage Kara Mamoru would be a close second.

REC (commerical)

REC (as near as I can tell from Animenfo.com and the 15-second commerical gg subbed) is a series about a girl who's starting out as a voice actress, and how she meets your typical loser salaryman and ends up living with him as she starts her new career. Sounds corny? Maybe, but I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this. According to the characters page on the official website, there are only five characters, which is probably good since this is only supposed to run for nine episodes and it'd be hard for there to be much character development with a bigger cast. The commerical's so short it doesn't shed much light on the plot, but it looks like the animation and character designs are decent. The first episode airs on Thursday, if I feel like really testing my limited Japanese I'll try watching it raw.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Urusei Yatsura (end)

Today I finally watched the last episode of Urusei Yatsura (UY), the classic anime series from the 80s based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi (who also drew Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, and Inu Yasha). It's hard to believe it's actually over--I think I put my preorder in for the first 5-DVD box set of UY back in 1999, and since then UY has always been on my list of upcoming anime to buy. Now, 62 DVDs later, the series is over, and it's been a really fun ride. UY is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen, and while as with any series long or short some episodes are better than others, as a whole it's definitely in my top five anime of all time. What really makes it a great series is the cast, which is huge, I guess as you'd expect with a series this long. Compared to your average 13 or 26 episode series, UY's cast is probably three or four times the size, and since it ran for so long even the minor characters get a lot of screentime when you add it up over the course of the show's run. I'd try to describe the general plot of the series, but Tomobiki-cho does a much, much better job of this than I ever could.

If I have any complaint with UY, it'd probably be the ending--maybe because the cast is so big, a lot of questions don't get the definite answers I'd like to have seen. Do Lum and Ataru ever get married for real? Does Shinobu wind up with Inaba? Does Ryunosuke ever get to wear a serafuku? Does Asuka get over her phobia of guys? Takahashi wrote a good, solid ending for Maison Ikkoku so I know she can do it--it would have been nice to see everyone graduate from Tomobiki High, and if everyone who looked like they'd pair up eventually actually paired up...written well, it could have been an awesome ending. Although UY movie 5, which was based on the manga's ending, wasn't bad, it doesn't really answer anything other than that deep down Ataru cares about Lum (which we already knew).

Overall, Urusei Yatsura has been a fun series to watch though--my list of upcoming DVDs I want to pick up looks kind of empty now that UY is gone. UY had a big part in getting me into anime, and for that alone I'll always have a soft spot for it.

And yes, Kyoko Otonashi from Maison Ikkoku gets a quick cameo in the last ep of UY :)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Insane Ramblings of the Week (#3)

More ramblings about anime:

- Hantsuki 1: What the hell is Shana doing in a hospital in Ise? Maybe Hantsuki is really Shana's backstory and back then she went by Rika instead. The character design for Rika is scarily similar, Rika even has the Shana attitude. Overall, a good episode, introducing Rika and Yuichi--Yuichi's in the hospital mainly just to get rest, then he'll be OK, while Rika has a heart condition that killed her father and she knows will probably kill her too. Although it was just 20-some minutes, they did a good job building Yuichi and Rika's relationship, makes me wish this was a longer series. Although who knows, since the novel form is still running, it's possible they won't wrap things up in six episodes, and leave it open-ended, although I'd rather have a conclusive ending. And a happy ending, since Shana/Rika dying is just wrong.

- Fate/Stay Night 2: Shirou almost gets himself killed by Lancer but Rin saves him--it's funny they don't seem to interact at all, but judging by Rin's reaction when she sees who Lancer cut down, she definitely has an interest in Shirou. Although Rin has some competition, since at the end of the episode Shirou is finally able to summon his servant, Saber... I'm hoping this is 26 episodes, since the story is building fairly slowly, but I really like it so far. The character designs I'm getting used to, although they're still not my favorite, and the fight scenes between Archer and Lancer in this ep were well done.

- Magikano 1: The SD moments in this had me cracking up--this is the funniest of the new season's shows I've seen so far, and the character designs are definitely growing on me. If Ayumi had a crush on Haruo this would be another generic "cute girl falls for loser" series, but this series puts an interesting twist on that. Ayumi doesn't really like Haruo at all--she just needs him to break a curse, and so she's trying to awake his latent magic powers (his sisters are all mahou tsukai, unknown to him) and mould him to be her ideal man, instead of the loser she sees him as now. Add in the overprotective sister, the school idol who's jealous of Ayumi getting all the attention, the liberal use of magic memory-erasing hammers, and it's a pretty good first episode.

- Karin: After episode 8 I think I'm giving up on this series. It's sad because I really wanted to like this, and the character designs and animation are great, but there's just zero plot. It really feels like the manga-ka had one great idea for a story--Karin trying to keep Usui-kun from finding out she's a vampire and dealing with nosebleeds because he's unhappy. After that arc played itself out and Usui found out and accepted Karin being a vampire, the story has gone absolutely nowhere. It's just Weiner trying to be funny, and Karin and Usui getting gradually closer. Maybe I'll watch episode 11 for the fanservice since it looks like it'll be a beach ep, but I get the feeling I could skip to episode 25 and have missed absolutely nothing. I guess I'll follow it on the message boards at AnimeSuki and if it sounds like it's acquiring a plot I'll pick it back up.

- Nanoha As (end): A good, solid ending to the series--it's hard for sequels to live up to the original sometimes, but As was a worthy successor. I liked how they did the "six years later" part at the end, it'd be awesome if they do a third season with the cast all in junior high or high school by then, but we'll see. Only complaint is Yuuno and Nanoha not getting together at the end, although I've got to think he'll ask her out eventually. And Chibi-Reinforce is kawaii~!

- Mai Otome 12: An awesome Mashiro episode, she gets a crush on Takumi, who's a heck of an improvement on Nagi. Akira needs to go away, though, it's never good when the help falls for the lord of the castle. Akira as Mashiro was good too, they both have baka power.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hime-chan's Ribbon 1

At the risk of sounding like a girly man, I'll admit it--I love Hime-chan's Ribbon. Hime-chan is a mahou shoujo series from the early 90s that ran for 61 episodes, and it's one of my favorite series. The basic premise of the series is this: Erika, a princess in the world of magic, comes to Earth to find her double, who turns out to be tomboy Himeko (or Hime-chan). Hime-chan looks just like Erika, but personality-wise she's about opposite. Erika explains to Hime-chan that everyone in the magic world has a double on Earth, and that in order for Erika to become queen someday, she first has to pass a test--she has to make a new magic item, give it to her double on Earth for a year, and at the end of that year, if her double finds the item useful than Erika can become queen. If Hime-chan DOESN'T find it useful, then it's off with Erika's head. Well, not quite, but she'd have to try again or something and no one likes retaking tests. The item Erika came up with is a ribbon that lets you transform into anyone you want. Since Hime-chan wishes she could be more like her elegant older sister Aiko, that's great news to her, and she accepts the ribbon--but is Hime-chan really going to be OK...

At the start of the series, Himeko has a crush on Hasekura, who's one year senior to her, but she also meets Daichi, the class troublemaker (which in the USA would mean he deals smack and shoots people, but since this is Japan he does things like rollerskate in the hallway when he's not supposed to). Hime-chan finds very quickly that while changing into other people sounds cool, you can end up finding out things you didn't want to know...and Daichi mistaking her for a boy doesn't help...

Overall, it's just a really well-done series with a good cast--if you hate older animation or you're looking for fanservice than steer clear (this isn't Nanoha) but Hime-chan's Ribbon is a good solid show that's worth checking out. The story arc for the first few episodes is really good, and Himeko's a likeable main character. Her and Daichi's interactions are a high point of the series, they have one of those relationships that's adversarial on the outside, but you can tell there's something more there. There's also some good character development as the series goes on. There aren't any monsters for Himeko to fight, no conspiracies to destroy the universe, it's mainly just a show about everyday life and the complications magic can cause. And yes, there's the obligatory stuffed animal sidekick, Pokota, who Himeko has had since she was little but comes to life as a side effect of Himeko wearing her ribbon. Glad to see Honobono is subbing this--I have the whole series on VHS but getting a high-quality digital version would be great, especially since this probably has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting licensed in Region 1.

Insane Ramblings of the Week (#2)

Been a while since I posted, so guess I'll just post a bunch of things at once--so far for the new season it looks like I'll be following Fate/Stay Night, Magikano, and Kashimashi. Downloading Hantsuki now, so that might be another.

- Kagihime 1: A badly animated series about girls who do battle to steal each other's stories to fill the missing pages of the last book in the Alice in Wonderland trilogy. Once complete the book will grant a wish--this is starting to sound like Nanoha A's. Oh, and there's at least one yuri crush, a girl obsessed with her onii-san, and girls who have orgasms when they have a key stuck in their chest. Let's just say if you're looking for a series to introduce your new girlfriend to anime and you have her watch Kagihime then you have chosen...poorly. Debating if I should give it one more episode to see if it gets better, but the first episode was pretty underwhelming.

- Paniponi Dash! 19: A strange virus spreads through the school, causing chaos--kind of reminds me of the virus episode in FMP Fumoffu. This is still the funniest show I've seen in a while, it's a little sad there are just seven episodes left.

- Shana 14: Shana + Chinese dress = the win. Strange to see an episode with no Yuuji and no Kazumi, but Kazumi was getting on my nerves anyway, so maybe it's just as well. I wonder if we'll get any backstory on Shiro, the skeleton Shana was fighting. Flame Hazes get really cool places to train.

- Nanoha As 9-12: Like the first series, Nanoha As continues to do a good job of blurring the line between "good guys" and "bad guys", it's more like the bad guys are people doing bad things for what they believe are good, noble reasons. It's refreshing, since a lot of the time in any kind of storytelling the "bad guys" are shown as pure evil. And Mahou Shojou Hayate-chan should get her own show ^_^

- Mai Otome 11: Nina and Arika face off over Wang. Major Wang. Nina's character seems to be developing in slow motion, since at the start of the series she was obsessed with her father and pretty distant from her classmates and right now...well, she's obessed with her father and distant from her classmates. What are the odds that Nina would lose her watch, only for Mashiro's cat to get the crow that stole it to drop it, at the exact spot Major Wang (*snicker*) was walking by--and then the Wangster happens to run into Arika and Nina in the forest? Well, that's most of Mai Otome episode 11--although there are some ominous things going on, like Windbloom sliding into recession, with unemployment up and Mashiro showing her knowledge of macroeconomic policy by raising taxes. And exactly what Midori's group is going to do to break the Otome system's OPEC-like hold on power. After Mashiro outwits Milfuelle and her chief of staff yet again (don't they have the Secret Service in Windbloom?) she runs into none other than Takumi (if that's his name in this series). Can't wait for the next episode to see how they interact. I hope Mashiro and Takumi hit it off, since it'd be nice for a girl in the cast to have a crush on someone who is not (a) another girl, or (b) a guy who's old enough to go to prison if they actually got together. Yeah, I guess there's Akane, but she doesn't get much screentime.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shuffle (review)

Shuffle is a series that I really should have loved--it has good character designs, some dramatic story arcs, and a real ending where the main character actually chooses one of the girls. But a first half that was almost unwatchable and a cast with girls that seemed to be competing to see who could be the biggest doormat just ruined it for me overall.

On the good side, Shuffle had decent animation, good character designs, and a few good characters. Asa was definitely my favorite, she's good at teasing Rin and doesn't just fall all over him like the other girls. If Rin asked what kind of place she wanted to go to for dinner, Asa would actually give him an opinion like a normal human being, while Kaede and the others would simper something like "whatever makes Rin happy makes me happy too." Asa just seems to have the most character, period, out of the cast, not that this is a difficult bar to clear. Primula's character, although she doesn't say much at first, shows some real development and growth as she learns to open up over the course of the series. And Mayumi and Kareha are decent comic relief. Rin's character isn't all bad either, showing he can take action when he really has to, although the first half of the series he's kind of a man-whore, blushing every time he comes into contact with any of the cast.

On the bad side, Shuffle had some of the most annoying characters I've ever seen. They have almost rabid followings, but I *hate* Kaede, Nerine, and Sia's characters. Their entire lives revolve around Rin-kun, how they're going to do their best to cook for Rin / make tea for Rin / make Rin happy / wipe Rin's ass / and so on. That's not a girlfriend, that's a robot. I just can not understand why anyone would want to spend their lives with someone who acts like a maid, who has no dreams of their own (other than being your wife), and you can never have a real conversation with. Maybe it's just a difference of taste, and for some guys having someone who cooks, cleans, does laundry, and agrees with everything you say would be nirvana, but I think I'd go crazy from boredom. And yes, I'm married, so I have some experience with girls of the non-anime variety.

The last couple episodes, the Asa arc, were good but had some logic holes I don't get. Just let me get this straight--Asa won't use magic because it would make her mother sad. So she's going to die instead, like THAT won't make her mother unhappy. If the Asa arc had made more sense, this would have been a better ending.

In the end, I can't imagine this series having any rewatch value for me, so it gets the "burn to DVD just in case and then delete to free up hard drive space" treatment. It's too bad, because the Primula/Licorice arc was well-done and I liked some of the characters, but in the end I think Shuffle didn't quite live up to its potential.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Fate/Stay Night 1

I'd never played the game but watched the first episode last night--maybe because I wasn't expecting much, I was impressed. The cast is compelling, all the characters are interesting so far except for Sakura, who's moe but just seems like your generic doormat otherwise (so far). Fuji-nee is awesome, she should be the main character ^_^. The premise of the series looks like it could be great, I can see why the game has a lot of fans (although they didn't explain much in ep1, I ended up looking up more info on the game after I watched it so I could figure out what the heck was going on). If you don't mind spoilers for the end of the game, this is a great website that goes into detail on the cast and each of the three game scenarios.

Some people complained the first episode was slow, but I didn't mind the slower pacing, I'd rather see more character development than fighting anyway. If I had to list things I didn't like, I wasn't all that impressed with the character designs--they just look flat to me, kind of like Wind ~ A Breath of Heart. Too bad they didn't hire Rokku. More explanation about the war and the masters/servants up front would have been nice for the viewers coming into this with no experience of the game (although since Shirou doesn't know what's going on yet, I guess the writers want to keep the audience in the dark too).

The "when you save one person you can't save another" line from Shirou's adopted father looks like it'll be a main theme of the series, especially if they go the Heaven's Feel route. I'm not sure how they can get all three scenarios from the game into one series though, granted I haven't played the game but it sounds like the scenarios are mutually exclusive? Based on spoilers I read it sounds like if you tried to put all three together sequentially they'd end up contradicting each other, since each scenario has different people responsible for events in the town... The game has endings ranging from happy to bittersweet to tragic so it'll be interesting to see which the anime's writers go with.

It's a pity Rin doesn't look quite as kawaii in the anime as she does in the artbook scan above, but that's probably too much to ask for...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Karin 8

I finally watched episode 8 of Karin, and I have to confess--it's been a while since I've seen an anime character I liked less than Weiner. I like Karin, Usui, Anju, Makki (despite her taste in guys), and the rest of the cast, and the premise of the series is interesting, but Winner/Weiner is just irritating to me. I guess he's supposed to be comic relief as the worthless vampire hunter who couldn't pick out a vampire in a stadium full of them. Plus he's a foreigner, and everyone knows gaijin are funny--but when Weiner is on screen I find myself looking at the time, or hoping he'll hurry up and go back to Romania or wherever. Makki's reactions when he keeps calling her "Karin's friend" instead of by name were pretty funny, but that's about the only good thing I can say about him. He's clearly not a serious rival to Usui at all (well, HE'S serious, but I can't imagine Karin ever liking him). He's not much of a threat as a vampire hunter. If they dumped him and added in a real vampire hunter for Usui and Karin to match wits with, or gave Usui a real rival for Karin's affections (a vampire childhood friend? her mom sets up an arranged marriage?) I think the show would be better. Maybe later on Weiner will get more competent, or Makki will go all angsty since Weiner can't even remember her name and she'll start dropping boxcutters on Karin, but I doubt it. The Usui-Karin moments in episode 8 were well done, as usual--I'm still liking the series, I'm just starting to feel a little disappointed that it's not as good as it could be. I'll just hope next episode Weiner gets run over by a cement truck.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lazy Blogger Week in Review

Happy New Year! Since I'm far too lazy to write full summaries on everything I watch, instead once a week I'll do a writeup like this with thoughts/comments on the anime I'm following:

* Galaxy Angel A - Twenty-seven episodes (counting the bonus ep) on 3 DVDs for less than $30--Bandai is my new best friend. I can't believe after they went with single volumes for the first two seasons of Galaxy Angel they went with a box set for the third, but I'm not complaining. There are some classic episodes in here, I think the one where the Angel-tai get turned into little kids and make Kokomo and Malibu's lives a living hell is my favorite, but it's hard to choose. Mint with a chainsaw is scary cute.

* Da Capo Second Season (ep 19) - Aisia wants Sakura to teach her magic, but her hopes are dashed when Sakura tells her hell no. The next day, Aisia renews her determination and asks again, but Sakura just takes her to the cherry tree Sakura's grandmother planted and tells Aisia magic is dangerous. Aisia doesn't seem to get it...but since Sakura didn't really explain what happened in Da Capo First Season and Aisia's not the sharpest tool in the shed on a good day, that's not surprising. Looks like next ep Aisia may ask Kotori what's up, it'll be interesting to hear Kotori's take on what went down two years ago.

* Shagukan no Shana (ep 12) - Kazumi sees Shana and Yuji together early in the morning, and cries because she's such a wuss she can't tell Yuji she likes him. Later after Ike stirs things up, though, Kazumi unleashes her bitchy side, telling Shana she's going to confess to Yuji, and that she won't lose to Shana since Shana hasn't even confessed herself yet. Before Shana can respond, the hentai siblings attack with their tentacles of Doom--and God, those two are annoying. I can't wait until they bite the dust...but at the end of ep 12 it looks like Shana's the one who's in trouble. It looks like the love triangle's become a rectangle though, with Ike liking Kazumi, Kazumi and Shana liking Yuji, and Yuji probably liking Shana. At least I hope he does, because Yuji x Kazumi would just make me ill.

* Aria (ep 10): A good, relaxing episode--this episode in particular seemed to really have that Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou feel to it. It's about to be winter on Aqua, and since the year is twice as long as back on "Man-Home", that means it'll be chilly for a while. Alicia takes the girls to an onsen, everyone relaxes, and Akari decides she's going to look forward to winter from now on, because she get to see a snowfly and because onsens generally kick ass. Of course, since this is Aria and not Girls Bravo, everyone wears their towels into the water. Bastards.

* Paniponi Dash (ep 18): A Mesousa centered episode with some great moments in it, although he's got bad enough luck as it is without someone actively trying to make it even worse. Serizawa may have even worse luck than Mesousa, since she got blown up nine times thanks to Media's desire for "realism" as they tried to find ways to defuse the bomb. I wonder who would win a smackdown between Media and Suzune, they're both pretty scary...

* School Rumble OVA 1-2: Awesome. Best Christmas present I could get was hearing they're doing a second season of School Rumble next spring.