Saturday, January 21, 2006

Insane Ramblings of the Week (#3)

More ramblings about anime:

- Hantsuki 1: What the hell is Shana doing in a hospital in Ise? Maybe Hantsuki is really Shana's backstory and back then she went by Rika instead. The character design for Rika is scarily similar, Rika even has the Shana attitude. Overall, a good episode, introducing Rika and Yuichi--Yuichi's in the hospital mainly just to get rest, then he'll be OK, while Rika has a heart condition that killed her father and she knows will probably kill her too. Although it was just 20-some minutes, they did a good job building Yuichi and Rika's relationship, makes me wish this was a longer series. Although who knows, since the novel form is still running, it's possible they won't wrap things up in six episodes, and leave it open-ended, although I'd rather have a conclusive ending. And a happy ending, since Shana/Rika dying is just wrong.

- Fate/Stay Night 2: Shirou almost gets himself killed by Lancer but Rin saves him--it's funny they don't seem to interact at all, but judging by Rin's reaction when she sees who Lancer cut down, she definitely has an interest in Shirou. Although Rin has some competition, since at the end of the episode Shirou is finally able to summon his servant, Saber... I'm hoping this is 26 episodes, since the story is building fairly slowly, but I really like it so far. The character designs I'm getting used to, although they're still not my favorite, and the fight scenes between Archer and Lancer in this ep were well done.

- Magikano 1: The SD moments in this had me cracking up--this is the funniest of the new season's shows I've seen so far, and the character designs are definitely growing on me. If Ayumi had a crush on Haruo this would be another generic "cute girl falls for loser" series, but this series puts an interesting twist on that. Ayumi doesn't really like Haruo at all--she just needs him to break a curse, and so she's trying to awake his latent magic powers (his sisters are all mahou tsukai, unknown to him) and mould him to be her ideal man, instead of the loser she sees him as now. Add in the overprotective sister, the school idol who's jealous of Ayumi getting all the attention, the liberal use of magic memory-erasing hammers, and it's a pretty good first episode.

- Karin: After episode 8 I think I'm giving up on this series. It's sad because I really wanted to like this, and the character designs and animation are great, but there's just zero plot. It really feels like the manga-ka had one great idea for a story--Karin trying to keep Usui-kun from finding out she's a vampire and dealing with nosebleeds because he's unhappy. After that arc played itself out and Usui found out and accepted Karin being a vampire, the story has gone absolutely nowhere. It's just Weiner trying to be funny, and Karin and Usui getting gradually closer. Maybe I'll watch episode 11 for the fanservice since it looks like it'll be a beach ep, but I get the feeling I could skip to episode 25 and have missed absolutely nothing. I guess I'll follow it on the message boards at AnimeSuki and if it sounds like it's acquiring a plot I'll pick it back up.

- Nanoha As (end): A good, solid ending to the series--it's hard for sequels to live up to the original sometimes, but As was a worthy successor. I liked how they did the "six years later" part at the end, it'd be awesome if they do a third season with the cast all in junior high or high school by then, but we'll see. Only complaint is Yuuno and Nanoha not getting together at the end, although I've got to think he'll ask her out eventually. And Chibi-Reinforce is kawaii~!

- Mai Otome 12: An awesome Mashiro episode, she gets a crush on Takumi, who's a heck of an improvement on Nagi. Akira needs to go away, though, it's never good when the help falls for the lord of the castle. Akira as Mashiro was good too, they both have baka power.

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