Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lazy Blogger Week in Review

Happy New Year! Since I'm far too lazy to write full summaries on everything I watch, instead once a week I'll do a writeup like this with thoughts/comments on the anime I'm following:

* Galaxy Angel A - Twenty-seven episodes (counting the bonus ep) on 3 DVDs for less than $30--Bandai is my new best friend. I can't believe after they went with single volumes for the first two seasons of Galaxy Angel they went with a box set for the third, but I'm not complaining. There are some classic episodes in here, I think the one where the Angel-tai get turned into little kids and make Kokomo and Malibu's lives a living hell is my favorite, but it's hard to choose. Mint with a chainsaw is scary cute.

* Da Capo Second Season (ep 19) - Aisia wants Sakura to teach her magic, but her hopes are dashed when Sakura tells her hell no. The next day, Aisia renews her determination and asks again, but Sakura just takes her to the cherry tree Sakura's grandmother planted and tells Aisia magic is dangerous. Aisia doesn't seem to get it...but since Sakura didn't really explain what happened in Da Capo First Season and Aisia's not the sharpest tool in the shed on a good day, that's not surprising. Looks like next ep Aisia may ask Kotori what's up, it'll be interesting to hear Kotori's take on what went down two years ago.

* Shagukan no Shana (ep 12) - Kazumi sees Shana and Yuji together early in the morning, and cries because she's such a wuss she can't tell Yuji she likes him. Later after Ike stirs things up, though, Kazumi unleashes her bitchy side, telling Shana she's going to confess to Yuji, and that she won't lose to Shana since Shana hasn't even confessed herself yet. Before Shana can respond, the hentai siblings attack with their tentacles of Doom--and God, those two are annoying. I can't wait until they bite the dust...but at the end of ep 12 it looks like Shana's the one who's in trouble. It looks like the love triangle's become a rectangle though, with Ike liking Kazumi, Kazumi and Shana liking Yuji, and Yuji probably liking Shana. At least I hope he does, because Yuji x Kazumi would just make me ill.

* Aria (ep 10): A good, relaxing episode--this episode in particular seemed to really have that Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou feel to it. It's about to be winter on Aqua, and since the year is twice as long as back on "Man-Home", that means it'll be chilly for a while. Alicia takes the girls to an onsen, everyone relaxes, and Akari decides she's going to look forward to winter from now on, because she get to see a snowfly and because onsens generally kick ass. Of course, since this is Aria and not Girls Bravo, everyone wears their towels into the water. Bastards.

* Paniponi Dash (ep 18): A Mesousa centered episode with some great moments in it, although he's got bad enough luck as it is without someone actively trying to make it even worse. Serizawa may have even worse luck than Mesousa, since she got blown up nine times thanks to Media's desire for "realism" as they tried to find ways to defuse the bomb. I wonder who would win a smackdown between Media and Suzune, they're both pretty scary...

* School Rumble OVA 1-2: Awesome. Best Christmas present I could get was hearing they're doing a second season of School Rumble next spring.