Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cel Checkers Are Good

I have no idea if Kage Kara Mamoru is drawn on cels or if it's all digital...but either way it's funny the little things you notice (especially if during a slow workday you're watching anime). In the OP around 1:18 Yuuna's running with slice of bread in her mouth--in episodes 1 and 2 her mouth's partially open and it has white fill, which I remember thinking was a little odd looking (is the inside of her mouth glowing?):

But sure enough, by episode 4 her mouth's closed and the white fill's gone:

I always think of Animation Runner Kuromi when I see little changes like this and wonder if on the other side of the Pacific there's a director who's noticing these things and cringing when the first episode airs, but the schedule was so rushed there was no time to fix them. In any case, I salute the people who take the time to go back and fix the little things in anime--it's probably not something a lot of people notice, but when you add it all up it makes a difference. Although it's not like Kage Kara Mamoru has the slickest animation I've ever seen, so maybe I picked a bad example.


Saria said...

Wow, talk about attention to detail! :3 That's good, though.

Anonymous said...

While I may snub at the littlest of details, there is a saying: "The Devil is in the details."

I don't know how to make of this. But another famous example of the change to the animation is Bleach ending. So sometimes it's interesting to notice this.

suguru said...

One frame looking odd or a little off isn't a big deal, but when lots of mistakes start adding up you wind up with episode 10 of Negima. It's got to be tedious going through and checking every frame, but I'm very glad someone does it.

This person's site has an amazingly thorough comparison of before/after edit, for the Negima TV vs DVD release: Negima Comparison

It seems to be a trend to rush out the TV version then clean it up on DVD (Tsukuyomi had several scenes like this too).