Thursday, February 23, 2006

Da Capo II ~ Coming 5/26

Well, the game version is coming 5/26, at least as near as I can tell from the official Da Capo II website. Does that mean it'll get an anime series at some point down the road? Hard to say, but if it sells well and is as popular as the rest of the Da Capo franchise seems to have been, it's possible.

I've never played a renai game (and likely never will, since my Japanese isn't that good and I have a Mac at home) but I liked the Da Capo and D.C.S.S. anime, so the news Da Capo II is becoming a real product is good news in my book, potentially bringing the anime one step closer. I'm in the process of re-watching the original Da Capo anime series now, and while the first half you can say is just like any other harem anime, the whole magic aspect with the sakura tree is interesting, and the last few episodes with the Junichi-Nemu-Sakura triangle concluding is one of the best love triangle resolutions I've ever seen.

What's interesting to me about Da Capo II is the characters are all grandchildren of the current cast (or at least most of them are). So there are no carry-overs from the original cast, but in a way there are, since everyone looks slightly familiar. Kotori's granddaughter in particular really looks a lot like Kotori, and as any Kotori fan will tell you that can only be a good thing. It's a good hook to get fans of the original series in, rather than take the approach To Heart 2 did and create an entirely new cast unrelated to the first To Heart and put them in the same setting. I don't really want to see the cast of the original Da Capo in adult diapers, although they may have a cameo or two, who knows--but if this does well and gets made into an anime series it'd be fun to see the original cast's descendants and what similarities are there.

Although I wonder where the non-Nemu members of the cast found their husbands since apparently every last girl on Hatsunejima falls for Junichi in the original Da Capo. Maybe they went off to college and realized there were actually other men in the world, or Junichi's evil powers couldn't reach them there.

Anyway, hopefully when D.C. II is out someone will walk through the scenarios, kind of like the awesome To Heart 2 summaries bluemist did, since I'd be curious what the new scenarios are.

And yes, above is Future-Descendant-of-Kotori. Chiwassu!

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