Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Da Capo Second Season 22

Well, she's finally done it...it looks like Aishia has reactivated the Sakura Tree of Doom at last, Sakura underestimating her powers just a little. Seeing everyone trying to help get Junichi and Nemu some quality time together, it's apparent that they know they can't be with him, but because they love him they at least want him to find happiness with Nemu. Aishia sees this more as they're just denying their true feelings, but if you really love someone you should want them to be happy, even if that unfortunately for you that means happy with somebody else.

With the tree back in the picture, it looks like the only way Aishia will learn what she's doing is wrong is The Hard Way. I still think the real super-magician is Junichi, and his evil magic powers are the reason every girl on the island wants to get jiggy with him. I mean, come on, there ARE other guys on the island right? And it's not like Junichi is some perfect guy hero out of a romance novel with a name like Brad Longshaft and biceps that let him break trees in half with his bare hands.

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