Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kashimashi 4: Sharks vs Innocent Little Kitties

Watching episode 4 of Kashimashi, I can't help but think Hazumu has ALWAYS been a girl. Let's look at the evidence:

  • He gets all excited about wearing a dress--NOT something guys do.
  • He can't work a remote control--ALL guys have the ability to use ANY remote from birth.
  • When the alien who turned him a girl shows up, he doesn't threaten to beat him to death with a crowbar if he doesn't give him his wang back RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW.
Next episode, Hazumu will get all excited because he has a heavy flow day and gets to shop with Yasuna for maxipads. Seriously, if Hazumu acted at least a little like a guy in a girl's body this show would be more believable.

The other complaint I'm starting to have with Kashimashi is Tomari-chan seems to have a snowball's chance in hell with Hazumu. It's kind of like D.C.S.S., where everyone knows Nemu's the winner, and they're just going through the motions of liking Junichi. Let's see, we have Hazumu, who likes Yasuna. And Yasuna, who's already pulling a Tomoyo and dressing Hazumu up--we already know from the first episode she likes Hazumu-chan, because she kisses her. And then we have Tomari. Tomari who hasn't even confessed yet, and Yasuna's halfway to first base. At this rate, Tomari will get the guts to kokuhaku just in time to walk in on Hazumu and Yasuna going at it like rabbits in heat. That's not a love triangle--it's a fight where Yasuna's a great white shark and Tomari's a swimming pool full of defenseless little kittens who can't swim. Hmmm, that's kind of an alarming analogy...but the point is I feel bad for Tomari-chan, so far at least I'd rather see Tomari "win". Hopefully the next couple eps she gets into the running a little better.

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