Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ph34r the Spring Season...

I know, yesterday was the first day of spring, but the spring anime season is what's really important, and sadly it's still a few more days away. Haven't posted in a while, so thought I'd jump on The Bandwagon and post which series this spring I'm looking forward to the most. And no, Yuuma and Yuuna have nothing to do with this spring's anime, but an anime blog without shameless fanservice is just...well, an anime blog. If you're looking for a complete list of the 6,000 new series airing this spring, AndrewLB's wiki delivers.

Series I'm looking forward to the most and wish I could see RIGHT NOW:

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - I'll be honest, everything I know about this series I got from a thread on AnimeSuki, and even that's not very much. There's a girl who I'm assuming is named Haruhi, and based on her last name she could be a distant relative of Akane from Kiminozo. And she wears an armband with characters only Those With More Character Recognition Skill than I could possibly identify. She could be the school rep? A nurse? Night watchman? Anyway, I can sum up why I want to watch this in two words: Kyoto Animation. Air was animated by Kyoto Animation, as was Inu Yasha, so I have high hopes that the animation quality for Haruhi will be up there too. After watching the horror that is Burn Up Scramble (was running out of things to put in my Netflix queue) I can't wait to see something with visuals that don't look like they were drawn by a five-year old.

Sasami ~ Mahou Shoujo Club - I already know no one is going to sub this, but because Pretty Sammy was a hilarious OVA and TV series I'm looking forward to this anyway. I may even watch the raw and understand 1% of it, worst comes to worst. This could be really good, or it could just be awful, but if they can keep the sense of humor of Pretty Sammy (which this series has zero relation to story-wise, other than some of the characters carry over) then it'll be great. Besides, Washu, Mihoshi, and Sasami (from the various Tenchi Muyo universes) are in it, so how can it be that bad?

School Rumble Second Semester - Sukuran was awesome--I can't tell you how glad I am it's getting a second season. Although I think the manga-ka has created such a convoluted relationship chart for this that in the end he'll do a Takahashi and cop out, leaving it somewhat open ended, like the end of Urusei Yatsura. Actually, in UY it was much more clear who'd end up with who than in Sukuran so far...

And series (serieses? serii?) I'll watch, but won't make me keep hitting "refresh" every 30 seconds on Baka-Updates:

Joshikousei GIRLS-HIGH - This looks like it could be good, a slice-of-high-school-life supposedly based on the manga-ka and her friends' real high school experience. A high school series with no ninjas, harems, or witches--is such a thing even possible?

Strawberry Panic - Yes, this is probably just mindless yuri fanservice, doubtlessly aimed at otaku who buy body pillows and live in their parents' house even though they're 57 years old, and don't work, or bathe, or blah, blah, blah. So what? It's yuri. Being a guy, hell yes I'm going to watch this. Although if it has no plot at all, or is as mind-numbingly dull as Sister Princess RePure, then I'll drop it.

Soul Link - From the creators of Shuffle, so I'm sure a lot of people will download it--but I was in the minority that didn't care for Shuffle that much. My problem with Shuffle was the doormat factor, but if Soul Link has at least one tsundere character I'll forgive Navel. Yes, it's a harem anime, but there are guns and space involved, which at least means there'll probably be more action than Shuffle had.

Utawarerumono - Yes, I copied and pasted the name. It really needs a shorter name if I'm ever going to mention it in a sentence again. Anyway, "Utawa" has some potential, being based on a game from Leaf, and unlike To Heart 2, it looks like Utawa will get the full 26-episode treatment, which should give plenty of time to develop all the characters and put an interesting plot together. Leaf creates some interesting characters, so looking forward to this.

Disgaea - Based on an RPG game, which usually means trouble in my book, but there's a lot of buzz for this because the game was evidently pretty funny and had some great, memorable characters.

The Third ~Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo~ - Don't know much about it, but the 'girl in desert world' premise could be interesting.

Kamisama Kazoku - The artwork looks interesting...something about a god who falls in love. Although from the website looks like even gods ride bicycles, so wonder if the world for this is somewhat like Kamichu. Unfortunately, doesn't air until mid-May so have a while to wait for it.

Aria Second Season - Girls with boats...still don't like this as much as YKK, but it's about as close to YKK as is likely to air in spring, so I'll probably watch it.

Wow...looking at that list, there's a lot coming out this spring. And there's always at least one series that hits me out of nowhere, like Kage Kara Mamoru winter season, that I don't see coming at all and then I get addicted to. Good thing I'm too lazy to blog all these like a real anime blogger would, or I'd never have time to work, sleep, or eat. Hopefully April's going to be a very good month to be an anime fan.

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