Saturday, April 29, 2006

Futakoi - Original Flavor

I rewatched this recently, and before you say "why for the Love of God would you put yourself through that a SECOND time" I should say a few words in defense of the original Futakoi. First of all, it has Yui Horie in it, so it can't COMPLETELY suck. And the premise is interesting enough, going with an all-twins harem for the undeserving male lead, and looking at some of the differences and conflicts between the twins. Futakoi even did a good job ratcheting up the drama at the end, although you can argue why did they bother since they wasted it with the 'I guess I won't make a decision at all' ending. While some of the cast are better than others, Futakoi had some very likeable characters, and a few memorable scenes, like Miyabi laying the smackdown on Nozomu in the final episode. I wouldn't rate Futakoi above To Heart, but it did a few things very well, it was entertaining enough to watch, and it's a pity it didn't get the conclusive ending it deserved.

A few random thoughts after watching this again:

- Kira and Yura's dad needs to get his ass kicked. Maybe Yuuya could do it since he seems to be a badass. Kira-chan-tachi's dad doesn't show up once all series--you'd think his wife dying might have taught him his family's more important than work, but nope, he just hands down orders to Kenmochi from afar. He's probably one of those overpaid CEOs with 60 billion dollars in stock options who's banging his secretary, cooking the books, jetsetting around the world, and wouldn't recognize his own kids if he saw them. Their dad in Futakoi Alternative was much better, in spite of being a yakuza boss.

- Miyabi is awesome, and needs to appear in every series where the male lead's dithering. The scene where she tells Nozomu that running away because he "doesn't want to hurt anyone" is bullshit and he really just doesn't want to be hurt himself was classic. Too bad he doesn't actually make a decision after that, but there's only so much Miyabi can do without putting the boxing gloves on.

- I like Billy. There, I said it. I know, everyone hates Billy. I mean, WTF is a goat doing in this? Why not have a freaking kangaroo in the yard while they're at it, or a pack of ocelots? What makes Billy great is his two-faced nature, sucking up to every cute girl he sees, while trying to kick the living hell out of Nozomu every chance he gets. I'm probably just easily amused but Billy kicking Nozomu in the gut or giving him the Glare of Death always cracks me up.

- Nozomu Must Die. Yeah, it's hard not to hate Nozomu-chan. Four girls confess to him and he promptly runs away and freaks out, tossing their homemade chocolate aside, soiling himself in abject fear, and babbling about how it's all the curse of the Twins. I'm sorry, Nozomu, most guys get confessed to by four girls and you know how they'd feel? One word: HAPPY. Instead Nozomu acts like there's a bomb up his ass, and in ten seconds it's going to explode. It's too bad Gouda from Kitto Kitto Kaoruko-chan, or whatever their fanclub was called, never got the chance to pummel him.

- Japanese needs more pronouns. If there was just a plural 'you' then the whole "Nozomu always says 'Kaoruko-chan-tachi'" issue could have been averted. Seriously, if I was Sumireko I'd be kind of annoyed too, with Nozomu essentially referring to them as "Kaoruko and that other chick" all the time.

- I want Nozomu's father's job. I know it's cold up at Moana Loa, but being able to take trips down to Waikoloa would so make it worth it. Hmmm...astronomy in Hawaii or middle management? Sadly, I know which one pays more and it doesn't involve looking through telescopes.


Stripey said...

Absolutely agree with you. I also enjoyed the tension at the latter part of the series only to see the good get undone by the harem-esque ending.

I stuck with it mostly for Horie Yui goodness too. Was rooting for Kaoruko. :)

suguru said...

Yep, I was rooting for her too :)