Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Haruhi no Haru

Some random (as usual) thoughts on the spring season:

- Haruhi (through ep 2): God, I love Kyoto Animation. The fact their office is in Kyoto just makes working there even more my dream job, since Kyoto's probably my favorite spot on Earth (if you ever go to Japan don't just sit in Akihabara or Tokyo, GO TO KYOTO, preferably in fall--you won't regret it). Haruhi episode 2 was just gorgeous visually, and the dance in the ending credits going full screen was extra icing on the cake. For once the series I was looking forward to the most at the season's start is shaping up to be my favorite. The story's looking interesting too--Haruhi's attitude is great, Kyon's narration/thoughts are hilarious, and there's plenty of mystery as far as why Haruhi is the way she is and exactly what power she has. It's a difficult series to describe, but also very funny and addictive. Episode 1 took a chance and went out there with the whole student film thing, but anyone who dismissed it on the basis of that episode alone is really missing out (I loved ep 1, but some of it's probably only funny if you've watched mahou shoujo before). It's rare for something to come along that you can't say "if you liked X you'll like this" or "it's just like Y only this time it's in space with guns and stuff", but I can't think of anything to compare Haruhi to. Episode 2 was really just introducing Haruhi and setup, so it should get even better as the story builds momentum. I know very little about the novels so can't say if they're going to actually put in some drama, romance, or anything but comedy as we go along, but there's the potential for anything with Haruhi around.

- Soul Link (ep 1): Slow first episode, but the skirt-lifting punk from every Navel game makes an appearance. Maybe parents are softer on kids these days, but I'm pretty sure I'd have gotten my ass kicked for that when I was seven. With just 12 episodes to work with, the terrorists have to start their shiznit going pretty soon, unless this makes like Konomini and saves all the plot/drama to get stuffed into the last four episodes. So far at least, there only seems to be one girl who likes the male lead, which is unusual for this kind of show, but I'm sure that'll change soon. The CG in episode 1 reminds me of Ed and Al's Golden Rule of Alchemy--some shit is better not attempted, because if you try it you'll wind up with one nasty-ass mess. If I want polygons I'll start up my 1997-vintage Playstation, I don't want to see them in anime.

- Joshikousei (ep 1): I don't think I've seen this many panty shots since Agent Aika...although I'm not the type to refuse to watch a show because *gasp* it has fanservice in it--after all, watch any US network TV show and half the actresses are about to fall out of their tops so it's not like this is unique to anime. Having said that, while it's funny in parts, Joshikousei isn't anywhere near Haruhi-caliber humor either. Supposedly the next episode is funnier, and sometimes series like this where the quirks of the cast are a big part of the humor take a while for me to get into, so I'll definitely keep watching for now.

- Sukuran 2nd Trimester (ep 1): Great so far, just like the original. The cast is still growing, and we're beyond where I've read in the manga so I'm curious who will be getting the most screentime and if a front-runner will emerge for Harima, or if the relationship chart will continue to be such a tangled mess that the manga-ka will have no idea how to get out of it and just cop out with a totally open ending. I think the manga's still running, so guess there's not much chance this season will actually resolve anything.


bakavic said...

2nd Trimester sounds very wrong...sounds like somebody's having a baby or something lol...

The Melanchony of Suzumiya Haruhi was truly an unexpected hit - it wasn't even on most people's anime radars until the 2nd episode, when it exploded into popularity. The animations is ridiculous good, I keep having this urge to watch the OP & ED again and again - the scene with strings of stars and all the characters boucing around was absolute brain overload; way too many things happening at the same time!

The other Haruhi of the season (Ouran High School Host Club) is pretty nutty as well, you should probably check it out too, especially if you're a guy - the reverse maid cafe concept tickles me deeply.

suguru said...

I know what you mean about the OP and ED, I think I watched the ED about a million times already. When the ep 1 raw came out I saved the ED off as an MP3 and put it on endless loop for a while, and it's been stuck in my head ever since ^_^;

I haven't gotten to Ouran yet but everyone's saying good things about it, I'll have to check that out's looking like a great season so far.