Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Haruhi Wallpaper

OK, it's not quite the right size (1024x700) for wallpaper, but it's close. I'd have added a border to make it 1024x768, but if you center it on your desktop you'll get the same effect anyway. I found this at this site, which is mostly screencaps.

Watched a.f.k.'s subbed version of episode 1 yesterday, and it's even funnier now that I can understand Kyon's comments about the plot, direction, etc. It's a nice touch how a.f.k. went with a really basic font for the subtitles of the amateur student film portion, then went with a more "professional" font when we went back to real life and widescreen. I can't wait to see episode 2...or if you prefer Super-Director Haruhi's numbering scheme, I guess it's episode 1.


Asakomi said...

I watched this raw, and got a good chuckle. Now that I've seen it subbed I can definitely say it's one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while. Can't wait for next episode!

suguru said...

There's a lot of competition this season, but so far this is my favorite...seeing Haruhi and everyone back in "real life" in the next ep should be entertaining.