Monday, May 01, 2006

Good Witch of the West

I saw the first episode of this over the weekend, and the atmosphere, characters, and plot are interesting so far. With a title like 'Good Witch of the West' I was expecting at least a passing reference to the Emerald City, the Lollipop Guild, or Firiel doing battle with the Wicked Witch of the West, but no, it's an original story. I thought Kira-chan-tachi in Futakoi original had an absentee father, but Firiel's seems just as bad. The first episode and he can't even be bothered to appear on screen, he just bails and leaves his daughter and assistant to face the music. Guess some internships are rougher than others, I hope Roux at least got a paycheck.

Short summary:
The heroine of the story, Firiel, lives in a small country town, but thanks to the nobility having a "girls over 15 get in free" ball one night, she gets to go to the castle. She asks her friend Roux if he wants to go with her, but he's busy doing research and seems to have a grudge against the nobility so he declines--baka. He does give her a necklace though, saying her father (who he's assisting with research) wanted him to give it to her. She goes to the ball, catches the prince's eye and gets to dance with him, and there's much blushing involved. But the fun's spoiled when the prince's sister points out the necklace Firiel is wearing is actually a royal treasure that went missing along with a princess 15 years ago--and it turns out that princess was Firiel's mom. Roux shows up at the ball to rescue her, Firiel returns home wanting some answers, but her father's skipped town, and The Man shows up in the form of a bunch of goons who capture Roux and burn down Firiel's house.

Just a few of the questions we don't have answers to yet:

- Exactly what were Roux and Firiel's father researching that got The Man to come down on them?
- If Firiel's mom was royalty, why didn't her father ever tell her?
- Is this set in a different world than ours, or in some distant future?
- Why is the animation quality so bad?
- How do the princes have any depth perception when their hair keeps covering one eye? Wouldn't they walk into shiznit?

Well, there's enough mystery that they have me hooked so far. I hope the animation quality improves, but since usually first and last episodes are where the animation peaks, I'm afraid it may be getting worse soon.


Anonymous said...

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It's called "Anime Pictures"

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I don't know whether you've seen it. It's really good though. ^ ^


suguru said...

Sure--what's your URL? I'll add it in to the links section.

I haven't watched Prince of Tennis yet, although I've heard good things about it--I think the sheer number of episodes scares me ^_^