Monday, May 15, 2006

In the Wake of the Week - NYC

More random thoughts on anime:

Keroro Gunso - I still can't believe how fast Doremi-Keroro is cranking out episodes of this--hell, at this rate, we'll see Doremi sub episode 100 by Christmas. The anime continues to be awesome--it's pretty faithful to the manga, and some things (like Giroro doing synchronized swimming) are even funnier in the anime. I tried writing a review for this series, but words fail to do it justice. Imagine trying to convince a non-anime fan to watch this--you could describe the plot as "frogs from space who have a mission to take over the Earth but can't because their leader is obsessed with making Gundam models" but this is a much, much funnier series than that description makes it sound like. It's the characters and their interactions that make Keroro Gunso so great--Giroro consistently finding a way to sit between Natsumi (the girl he likes) and Mutsumi (the guy SHE likes), Tamama's burning jealousy of Moa-chan, Momoka's split personality (especially the ep where Dark Momoka completely splits off), Keroro's Gundam obsession and his fear of just makes the series a lot of fun to watch. If only the Negima anime was this true to the manga...well, let's not go there.

Haruhi - Don't get me wrong, this is still my favorite series this season--but it'd be a LOT easier to follow if they just aired the episodes in Haruhi's order instead of Kyon's. Thank God for bloggers who are familiar with the plot from the novels to clear things up. And moe or not, I fear for the future if Mikuru is the best special agent they can come up with...

Soul Link - Maybe I'm just too hung up on his voice and have watched 2x2 Shinobuden too many times, but every time Delicious Morimoto or whatever he calls himself in Soul Link is talking, this is what I picture in my head:

Having said that, with episode 6 things are really picking up. My guess is Shuuhei's instant-healing power was somehow given to him by Cellaria--in the first shoot-out with Karen, Cellaria touched the cut on Shuuhei's face with her hand (which was covered in HER blood)...and that's when it started. Will Shuuhei turn into an alien, and as the infection progresses become Cellaria's bitch? And who's the male lead here, anyway? I thought it was Ryouta, but he barely got any screentime in ep 6 and Shuuhei's already rounding home plate with Nao.

Sukuran Second Term - The more I watch Sukuran the more I think it would take at least twenty episodes just to pair everyone up and decide which factions win--it seems like in every episode, they introduce still more characters. I doubt the cast will ever quite hit Urusei Yatsura's size, but it's well on its way. I'm rooting for Mikoto x Anyone But Imadori so episode 6 was great in my book. The duel between Eri and Yakumo was great, although I felt bad for Eri when Harima pulled the curtain. I honestly don't know which faction to pull for with Harima...Tenma was my original choice, but as Sukuran goes on I'm torn between Yakumo and Eri. Eri has the advantage of liking Harima and having Horie Yui as her seiyuu, while Yakumo has the advantage that she's used to taking care of a baka (Tenma) so she'd be a natural at taking care of Harima too. I give the manga-ka credit for making it infuriatingly difficult to choose between factions.

It's almost one a.m. as I write this in Manhattan, fighting jet's a business trip week for me, which meant I had the joy of spending six hours today crammed in an aluminum tube, eating peanuts and slowly making my way across the country. Fortunately I loaded a bunch of fansubs on my laptop, so I got to watch anime while it seemed like everyone else on the plane with a laptop was working--just another reason it's good to be an anime fan ^_^

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