Monday, May 01, 2006

In the Wake of the Week

Random thoughts from last week's anime:

- The evil lord in Utawarerumono got what he deserved--make Eruruu cry and you must PAY.
- I'd say the death of a single person starting a huge war is unrealistic, but then again that's pretty much how World War I started.
- The year 2005 saw two episodes of Keroro Gunso subbed. In less than three weeks in 2006, five episodes. Kami-sama bless Doremi.
- Three episodes for a game of capture the flag? Every once in a while Sukuran stretches things out a little long (the sports festival from season 1 is another example) but episode 4 of Sukuran Second Term restored my faith in its brilliance. When Eri gets screentime good things happen.
- Joshikousei seems to get funnier the less fanservice they have.
- Howl's Moving Castle is the most confusing Miyazaki movie I've seen--it felt like about half an hour of plot exposition towards the end just got cut completely. It didn't help that Howl in bird form kept reminding me of Condorman (there's an obscure movie reference for you...).
- If they have dating sims that run on cell phones, why can't someone port Da Capo II to the Nintendo DS so I can play it?
- Is it just me or did they take the yuri-ness out of Koyuki-chan in the anime version of Keroro Gunso?
- I never thought I'd see it, but someone's subbing Dirty Pair TV now. Kei and Yuri are the undisputed champions of collateral damage.
- Just the screencaps of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni scare the crap out of me. If I actually watched this I get the feeling I'd never get a good night's sleep again.
- Is anyone ever going to license School Rumble for Region 1? What kind of sick world is this where Divergence Eve gets licensed and School Rumble doesn't?


Os said...

- The year 2005 saw two episodes of Keroro Gunso subbed. In less than three weeks in 2006, five episodes. Kami-sama bless Doremi.

I feel exactly the same way. Just finished watching episode 13. Crying tears of joy, I am.

suguru said...

And now 14 is out feels like winning the lottery every time I see a new episode listed, after expecting to see nothing for so long ^_^

Willu said...

I didn't enjoy Howl's Moving Castle very much either. I've been a fan of the book since childhood, and Miyazaki pretty much stole a few elements and the title and made up his own weird story ~_~

suguru said...

lol...I'll have to check out the book, sounds like it should make more sense than the movie did...

guile said...

it'd be nice to have a walking castle like howl's :)..

suguru said...

What I really want from Howl's castle is the door that opens to different places--one door could lead to Hawaii, one to Japan, and so'd be pretty cool to be able to go on vacation without having to pack anything and sit on a plane for hours.