Monday, May 01, 2006

Love Get Chu

Love Get Chu is...a series about aspiring seiyuu based on a dating sim that runs on cell phones. Let's just say I'm not expecting something as involved as Kanon's plot here, which is good because based on episode 1 I'm not going to get it.

Love Get Chu starts out with our heroine, Momoko, arriving in Tokyo from Kyoto to try to make it big as a seiyuu. On the train she thinks someone's grabbing her butt, but it turns out to be a misunderstanding and it's just something a guy on the train is carrying in a bag brushing against her. That guy looks like he's going to be the male lead, since he shows up later at an anime studio, and then in the end as kaninrin of the boarding house Momoko is going to stay at. But the focus of the episode is really on Momoko, who goes for an audition, but promptly gets lost when it's time for her number to be called. However, Momoko has the Loudest Voice on Earth, and when she yells that she's lost from the roof, her voice is so loud that down in the basement the president of the company doing the audition's hears her, is impressed, and she passes the audition without having to do anything. Not being the plan-ahead type, Momoko has nowhere to stay in Tokyo, but rather than pulling an Aka-chan and hooking up with a salaryman for free rent, she gets advice from one of the other four girls who passed to go to a cheap boarding house. Momoko does, and promptly runs into the guy from the train, who just came out of the bath--and then his towel falls off and she gets to see more than she wanted to (but fortunately the audience doesn't).

So far this seems...well, really generic--the character designs are OK, the animation's just average, and Momoko has ZERO fashion sense. I mean, legwarmers? For the Love of Haruhi, tell me legwarmers aren't actually cool again, and Momoko is just stuck in 1985. Momoko talks to her cell a lot, Musamaru, who looks like a cross between a rabbit and something out of the Nightmare Before Christmas. Musamaru doesn't talk back though, or I guess this would be mahou shoujo. There were a couple surprises in this episode--I didn't see the sucker punch to the gut coming, and I thought the misunderstanding on the train would have lasted for longer but Momoko found the truth out pretty quickly.

It'll be interesting to see where they go with this--the four other girls who made the audition's cut are probably the other four "playable" characters from the game this is based on, so I'd expect they'll each get an ep where they're the focus and they'll all end up with crushes on the male lead. I'll keep watching for now, every once in a while there's a really good game-to-anime series and it's hard to judge from the first episode, especially since the male lead had next to zero screentime.

I'm glad I never had a job interview end like this...

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