Thursday, September 28, 2006

Anime Drinking Games

It's a pity back in the Bronze Age when I was in college I didn't know any anime fans, because anime really lends itself well to drinking games. Just imagine watching the original To Heart and drinking every time Akari says "Hiroyuki-chan"--by episode three or four you'd be seeing double, with the paramedics arriving to pump your stomach sometime in the middle of episode five. I'm sure now with this newfangled "inter-net" you can find much more exhaustive lists of rules for anime drinking games, but here are a few humble ideas from anime I've watched recently:

Zero no Tsukaima

Drink once when:
- you see Louise's pantsu
- Louise busts out the whip
- Louise has a "wardrobe malfunction" from snapped elastic
- the headmaster tries to do something ecchi
- Kirche's breasts jiggle
- Louise says 'urusei' and reminds you of Shana
- Seista gets naked
- anyone mentions 'Gandalfr'
- the runes on Saito's hand glow
- Guiche declares his undying love for anyone
- Tabitha nods her head silently in response to something
- anyone calls Louise 'zero'
- Louise calls Saito a dog
Finish your drink when:
- Saito kisses Louise

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Drink once when:
- Haruhi glares/scowls at Kyon
- Haruhi creates closed space
- anyone uses the phrase 'aliens, time travelers, and ESPers'
- Mikuru cries out in embarrassment or alarm
- Haruhi gropes or bites Mikuru-chan
- Haruhi has her hair in a ponytail
- Itsuki is sitting way too close to Kyon
- Yuki starts going all badass while techno music plays in the background
- you see a giant blue monster
- Haruhi throws her 1000th pitch in fielding practice
- Haruhi says she's bored
- Mikuru-chan changes costumes
Finish your drink when:
- 'homing mode' is enabled
- Kyon kisses Haruhi

Cardcaptor Sakura

Drink once when:
- Sakura blushes thinking about Yukito
- *Shaoran* blushes thinking about Yukito
- you see Tokyo Tower in a dream
- you see sakura petals
- Kero-chan stares at the moon and says "Yue"
- you finally find out who the hell Yue actually is
- Kero-chan demands some snack food/cake/candy
- Tomoyo makes a comment about how lovely/filmable/hot she thinks Sakura is
- Mizuki-sensei sneaks up on Shaoran
- Sakura says "Release!"
- Sakura yells "Umi!" more than once
- Shaoran blushes thinking about Sakura
- Meilin glomps onto Shaoran
- Meilin glares at Sakura
- Meilin screws up cooking something
- Clow Reed says 'water is a thing that flows'
- anyone says a variation of 'could this be a Clow Card's doing?'
- Sakura wears one of Tomoyo's costumes
- Tomoyo regrets not being able to film Sakura for some reason or another
- Tomoyo actually does something useful to help catch a card and isn't just filming
- Yamazaki tells a lie
- you see Penguin Park
- Touya appears somewhere random because he's his new part-time job
- Kero-chan calls Sharon or Meilin 'kid' or 'brat'
- anyone says 'I sense a Clow Card's presence'
Finish your drink when:
- Sakura actually realizes Shaoran likes her

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

Drink once when:
- anything someone says is bleeped out
- Chidori hits Sousuke with her harisen
- Kyoko takes a picture with her camera
- you see anyone with a ponytail
- Kogure-sensei is taken to the hospital
- deeply disturbed female police officers are laughing maniacally
- Chidori hails a taxi by throwing Sousuke directly in its path
- Bonta-kun says 'fumo' (yes, there's one episode where I guarantee doing this will cause projectile vomiting)
- yakuza are getting their balls stomped on by a amusement park mascot
- Sousuke tells someone to enjoy the onsen in a normal manner
Finish your drink when:
- a rubber duck is blocking the view Tessa fans would kill for

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newt said...

I highly approve, and if I wasn't working tonight I could see myself getting wasted on the CCS one. Easily.