Tuesday, October 10, 2006

In the Wake of the Week - Fall Week 1

A bunch of first episodes are out subbed, which makes me want to thank the Anime Gods for what looks like it's going to be yet another incredible season. While most of the US is left watching reruns on network TV thanks to the MLB playoffs, I'm in Anime Utopia, where it seems like the blue frog hasn't had a moment's rest as it endlessly pulls file pieces from the ether.

For better or worse, here are some random thoughts on the first week of the season:

- Is it just me, or do all the girls in Kanon look thirty years younger than Yuichi? I think Ayu's at least a foot shorter, if she kisses him at the end she won't be able to do that kawaii stand-on-her-toes thing, she'll need to climb a ladder.
- Nayuki in Kyoani's Kanon doesn't come across like Forrest Gump anymore, so maybe we'll get a decent love triangle this time.
- Is there a bigger bitch this season than Shouko in Asatte no Hokou? I loved the first episode, but I keep hoping she'll get run over by something heavy--I understand she's bitter but an adult taking her bitterness out on a sixth grader is pretty bad...
- Adult-form Kareha's offspring will never go hungry.
- Tequila + Apricot = better than all 26 episodes of Strawberry Panic.
- I can't help feeling the character designs in Tokimemo are generic, but God, everyone screaming NEKOMIMI!! was funny. I wish my high school had been like that, although back then we didn't have cell phones and we'd have had to write the details for the welcoming party in cuneiform.
- Shaft's Negima is just...awesome. Watching this I have to thank Haruhi/God/Buddha/Allah or the god of your choice this got a remake.
- Nose-pinching is the best personality quirk I've seen in a while.
- AugustSoft's character designer should be designated a Living National Treasure.
- I was wondering why people on the moon would agree to be ruled by a royal family instead of having a democracy or something, but after seeing Feena-hime my questions are answered.
- It took a few minutes to get used to, but Sasami's new seiyuu isn't bad--the original could sound like fingernails on a chalkboard after a while though, so not a high bar to clear.