Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's been almost a month, so I should probably explain my lack of entries--I've decided to stop blogging for a while, since looking back, I think the time I spent blogging was at the expense of time spent on forums like AnimeSuki's, and I've missed some good discussions that way. Besides, as a Japanese-impaired fansub-watcher, there really isn't much I can offer the anime blog-reading world that's of interest--personally, I read anime blogs mainly for news (which this blog doesn't have much of), and writeups on episodes that aren't subbed yet (again, not found here). This blog is mostly just reviews (and reviews are useless to me for the most part, since I like to see for myself if I'll like a given anime series or not), and random thoughts (which would be better directed to a forum). So if there's anyone out there who bookmarked this site and was hoping I'd actually come up with some interesting posts at some point in the future, I apologize, but at least there are lots of infinitely better anime blogs out there.

To everyone who read this blog, thank you for your time and comments--it's really a great time to be an anime fan, this fall season has just blown me away. Since I don't know any real-life anime fans (unless you count getting my wife to watch CCS) I'm glad all of you in the online anime community are there to share enthusiasm with.