Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top 5 Anime...of 2007

It's almost the end of 2006, and any respectable anime blogger would post something about the top X series that he or she saw in the past year. Unfortunately, this blog has long since fallen into disrespect, with monthly posts at best and a sorry lack of that whole "content" thing that makes reading other blogs worthwhile. But They say blogs are so 2004 anyway, so I might as well spew another entry into the ether. Instead of listing my favorite shows of 2006 though, I'm thinking outside the box, ending up a few beers short of a six-pack, and I'm going to list...(drum roll) favorite five series--of two thousand SEVEN. How can I do this? Simple--I can see the future. Hell, Mikuru can do it, and Mikuru's not exactly Mensa material, so I figure I can do it too. By the time the end of 2007 comes around, no one will remember this post anyway.

So without further ado, here, beyond any shadow of a doubt, are what will have been the best five anime series of 2007:

#5 - Zero no Tsukaima, Season Two: More of the Louise tsundere goodness of the first season, with enough screentime for Seista to satisfy her fans too. The wedding scene at the end was great, although the whole thing with Guiche, the horse, and the love potion...that's thirty seconds I wish I could erase from my consciousness forever.

#4 - Nagasarete Airantou: This really could have been the #1 series of the year except for the animation quality--not Yoakena bad, but just average. If Kyoani had done this, it would've been a contender. Yui Horie as Suzu was awesome, but I'm still picturing her in my head as blond, not brunette.

#3 - School Rumble, The Final Chapter: I was hoping for a third season and not a movie to wrap it all up, but the movie to end all Sukuran was still surprisingly good. I can't believe in the end Harima ended up with Napoleon and not Eri or Yakumo, but the backstory between the two of them really erased my doubts. That Napoleon would go through so much for Harima's sake was really moving. That'll do, pig.

#2.5 - Manabi Straight: Ufotable is just awesome, and with Manabi Straight they finally recaptured the batshit insane comedy of Shinobuden and Dokkoida. I can't wait until 2035 so I can get a scooter like Manabi's. Too bad by then I'll probably be too old to remember to wear pants.

#2 - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Season Two: More Haruhi awesomeness--it was a really tough decision between this and the #1 pick. Evil Mikuru was a highlight, I knew she wasn't quite as stupid as she looked/acted. I can only imagine what Haruhi and Kyon's kids will be like, will they be demi-gods? Will closed space appear if they don't get to eat any more cookies before bedtime? The mind boggles, whatever that means.

And the best anime series of 2007 is...

#1 - Da Capo II: I was sure they were going the Yume route, but no, they picked Otome, and I couldn't be happier. Kyoto Animation really outdid themselves too, I have no clue how they finished Kanon, did a second season of Haruhi, AND did DCII all in the same year, but they pulled it off. I used to think it'd be impossible to level up from the drama at the end of the original Da Capo, but I was wrong. The scene in DCII where the sakura disappear and you-know-who vanishes with it (no, I'm not talking about freaking Voldemort, I'm trying to avoid spoilers here) was just perfect--I cried like a little girl, and I'll admit it with pride. In the end, this was a worthy sequel, proving that game-to-anime conversions can be done right.

Yes, I made all that up. But if I had to guess now, I would really expect those to be my top 5 next year (although Da Capo II is pure wishful thinking on my part, I don't think an anime series has even been announced yet...and ditto for more Sukuran). Part of what's awesome about being an anime fan though is that seasons are short, and the odds are no one has heard of the best series of 2007 yet. Hell, did anyone last Christmas expect that Haruhi would take 2006 by storm? I don't think it was even announced then, I know I didn't hear about it until only a month before it aired.

I think if I had to pick a top 5 for 2006, it'd be Haruhi, Negima, Kanon, Sukuran, and Zero no Tsukaima, with Haruhi getting top honors and the others close behind. It's been an awesome year for anime though--the fact there's always something new really keeps it from getting stale, and I expect next year should be even better. But if I had to ask for a Christmas present from the anime gods, it'd be getting to see the Da Capo II anime in 2007.


Adun said...

I for one will be hoping for a Da Capo 2 anime. It would soothe my urge for more of the Da Capo series.

Berber said...

KyoAni's DCII? A dream come true. But surely it HAS to be a Yume route? XD After Otoboku, my faith in FEEL has been restored a little (even if they did mangle DCSS).

So a FEEL DCII would be nice too.

suguru said...

That's true, it'll probably be the Yume route, although I'm more partial to Otome for some reason, so I can dream... FEEL did do an awesome job with Otoboku, though, so if I can't have KyoAni do it, I could live with FEEL too. Just as long as they don't hire whoever did Yoakena.

Anonymous said...

DAMN YOU!!!!!!

Euphemism said...

Lists of top animes of the year are always nice to look at - they give me an idea of what I should watch next.

But given what I've heard about ZnT, the second season... the fact that you have it on your list means I can't take it seriously at all. :/

Anime said...

haruhi is the best! geez! nice selection you got there!