Thursday, April 26, 2007

In the Wake of the Week

Insane ramblings about this week's anime:

Lucky Star is continuing to get better with each episode and each healthy dose of Kagami tsukkomi. I'd do a more thorough writeup, but frankly it's already been reviewed much better than I could write. 4-koma-to-anime either grows on me with each episode as I get to know the characters and their quirks (like Azumanga) or it just makes me roll my eyes after a while (Sensei no Ojikan). All signs so far are that Lucky Star will go the Azumanga route. Any series that references Keroro Gunso and Pani Poni Dash! is pure awesome in my book. Now I really want the Hirano Aya version of 'Sore Ga Ai Deshou'...damn the rest of the cast for talking so I couldn't just extract the audio...

Thank Haruhi that gg subbed Seto no Hanayome--along with Nagasarete Airantou it's one of the funniest series I've seen in a while. The Magikano level insanity may turn some off, but I couldn't stop laughing. If the whole spring series was like these two series, I'd be laughing like an idiot for months.

Continuing my out-of-character mecha viewing this season, I'm really enjoying Idolmaster Xenoglossia. Yayoi is the funniest character in kigurumi since Mint, and Haruka's a likeable heroine so far. It seems like a lot of people hate the early character intro/comedy/slice of life part of Sunrise series like Mai Hime/Otome, and only think it gets interesting when the drama kicks in and cast members are dropping like flies later on, but for me it's the opposite. Even if the rest of Idolmaster is just like the first three episodes, I'd be happy. Maybe I'm easily amused, though, your mileage may vary. Although I do want to know what the heck happened to the Moon, and why Imber chose Haruka (unless mecha just get crushes on wannabe idols these days...). Bonus points to Idolmaster for creative use of English, although it's hard to feel the tension in the air and not just snicker when a "Lemon Drop" is heading towards Earth...

The last couple eps aren't out subbed yet, but I love Manabi Straight--it gets best series of the winter season from me, hands down. It's just a great feel-good story, and although the PVs hinted at drama that it doesn't really deliver, it doesn't bother me that it kept things on the lighter side. Although the gradient hair took a little getting used to at first, the animation was consistently good, and it delivered some good solid character development and genuinely laugh-out-loud moments. Mei getting clobbered during dodgeball, Manabi's flailing at Aikoh's principal, and Momo's 'you're such a tsundere' line were just a couple of the scenes I'll always remember from this series. I'm sure this is a series I'll be watching again.

Hayate no Gotoku has been great, as I'd expect based on how good first two volumes of the manga was, although the pace isn't quite as intense as Airantou or Seto no Hanayome. It's still hilarious, and after watching ep 4 I can see why Hinagiku has a lot of fans too.

Sola I was really looking forward to, and so far it's been good, although it's too early to say if it's going to be great or not. Matsuri has the deadly trifecta of beret, zettai ryouiki, and Mamiko Noto, which seems destined to vault her into at least the Saimoe Final Four. Although Yorito--let's just say he needs more than one hobby. They better give a damn good reason why he's so obsessed with the sky, something more in depth than he was dropped on his head as a child... After watching episode 3, I can't help thinking Hiroyuki from To Heart would have handled Mana showing up much better than Yorito did--would Hiroyuki hide Matsuri? Or introduce her and deadpan 'she's been living here for a week--didn't I tell you?' just to mess with Mana's head.

Even watching it raw, Tsunderella (the 13th, DVD-only episode of Otoboku) is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I was hoping for a conclusive ending for Mizuho x Takako, but Tsunderella is so good I really can't complain. Plus this way I can keep dreaming that we'll get a second season someday.

On a not-at-all-new anime route, I'm going back and watching all the Da Capo side stories...and they must have been smoking some serious crack to come up some of this stuff, especially the end of the Nemu side story at the end of ep 9. Miharu's experience with 2ch and the dangers of banner ads is just hilarious though. I really like the side stories overall, they add a nice dose of originality.


Lysander said...

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Shigatsu-chan said...

Anime rules!!! X3 *Nice blog!*