Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena Revisited

Yoakena was a bishoujo anime series that aired last fall, based on the game of the same name from AugustSoft, and at the time it aired I was eagerly looking forward to it. Maybe I'm a sucker for purple-haired bishoujo princesses, but I couldn't wait to see Feena animated--I hadn't played the game, but just from the few CGs I'd seen she looked like a much more moe version of Lafiel. As Stripey eloquently put it, Feena is one of the uber-bishoujos of the 2D world, and I was optimistic that the Yoakena anime could be great. Little did I know, in the unholy depths of the Produce Aisle from Hell, the Yoakena Cabbage was waiting, waiting for its day in episode 3--a day that will forever live in anime infamy. What I hoped would be a memorable series became memorable for the wrong reasons, with the artwork in some episodes being all kinds of awful (symbolized by the cabbage of doom), and a story that sometimes was good, and sometimes made me wonder if the script was written by retarded baboons.

Having said all that, I decided this summer to do the unthinkable--to re-watch Yoakena. You could well ask why, especially after I ranted about how bad the series was earlier, but I decided in the interest of science and otakudom everywhere, I had to try. Unburdened by high expectations, and knowing some episodes would be animated by a team that appeared to be drawing with their feet, could Yoakena still be a decent anime series overall? Were there really scenes as well-drawn as Stripey's mousepad, and I just forgot about them?

Without further ado, let's find out. Heavy spoilers ahead so be the next dozen posts I'll be revisiting, episode by episode, the story of the moon princess and the cabbage...


Stripey said...

There is no doubt you need to be awarded the highest honour in otakudom - The otaku-martyr. :)

This would be a great resource for me since I couldn't finish the series. Looking forward to peering into your ep-by-ep yoakena thoughts.

suguru said... wasn't quite as bad as I remembered, but I don't think it'll be getting another rewatch anytime soon either ^_^