Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 10

Lyones catching Feena's mom, before he turned into a wuss.

Feena gets an audience with the king, but he shoots her down, telling her it's too difficult, and that he doesn't want her to have to go through the same pain he did with Cephilia, Feena's mother. He tells her to think about things some more...then we get a flashback of a younger Lyones being encouraged by Tatsuya's father, Indiana Jones, to go after Feena despite their difference in social status, and Lyones starts to have second thoughts. But Jurgen shows up and tells him Karen's stolen a fighter and left for Earth--and Lyones once again shows his sorry-ass decision making skillz, in leaving things to Jurgen and being too willing to believe Karen's defected to the Earth's side. He orders Feena grounded in her room...back on Earth, Karen appears to pick up Tatsuya and take him to the Moon, saying when both Tatsuya and Feena are together, only then will they show their true potential and be able to convince the king.

Not a bad episode overall--it's easy to see where Feena is coming from going to the Moon alone, because she doesn't want Tatsuya to be hurt like he was fighting Fiacca--but from Tatsuya's side it feels like she's ignored what he's told her about relying on him too sometimes. Lyones and Cephilia's background was nice and all, but that makes Lyones trusting Jurgen seem even more suspect. Given he and Cephilia were much like Feena and Tatsuya, you'd think he'd be a little more understanding, instead of playing right into Jurgen's plans, which aren't exactly hard to see through...

The Good
- Story moving along at a good pace, good drama with both Feena and Tatsuya
- Karen. Karen just kicks ass in general.

The Bad
- Lyones being an idiot.

The Verdict
Four and a half stars.

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