Monday, July 02, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 2

Feena + Moonlight = Epic Win

Feena goes to school with Mai and Tatsuya, and Feena's maid, Mia, has separation anxiety and follows her to school. Tatsuya offers to show Feena around on the way home, but his plans are thwarted when the Royal Motorcade shows up, and Karen, the ambassador, hauls her off to make public appearances/perform official duties. Tatsuya's a little depressed he can't hang out with her, even though he's the main character and everything, but Takano-sensei actually gives some good advice, and he waits for her to get home late at night and tells her he'll do what he can to support her.

Overall, the animation was still solid this episode--there were the occasional moments it was bad, but that was just in a couple spots, and while the character designs are relatively simple, you could at least read the characters' expressions. The story continues to move along, with Tatsuya and Feena getting closer and some good moments between them, but with Tatsuya also getting a taste of how Feena's not just your average girl next door, but she has a lot of responsibility that goes with her position.

The Good
- The scenes with Feena and Tatsuya together were well-done--you can tell there's some chemistry between them.
- Takano-sensei isn't nearly as annoying.
- SD/chibi scenes are cute.

The Bad
- Some of the jokes are already getting repetitive, like Natsuki sending Jin flying, Jin breaks something, Jin's dad says 'I'm docking your pay'.
- Lunar's timing on their subs drives me nuts sometimes--do you really need that pause between "Welcome home" and "Feena" when displaying the sub? Generally, I read the sub, then focus on the animation, which is harder to do when the sub is appearing in fragments.

The Verdict
Four stars...nothing amazing, but so far so good.

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