Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 4

Not a good idea...

Team Cabbage seems to have taken a break and the animation's back to normal--which doesn't mean stellar, but it's much more watchable. Feena, Tatsuya, and Natsuki are walking home from school, when they see a dog drowning in the river--Feena promptly jumps in to save it, but since water is scarce on the Moon, she has no idea how to swim, and starts drowning herself. Tatsuya jumps in to pull her to shore, and, I think for the first time in anime history, instead of doing CPR himself he suggests that Natsuki do it since she's a girl and it'll be less awkward that way. But Natsuki can't bring herself to do it, Tatsuya comes close to giving her a CPR kiss, but then Feena coughs up water and is fine. The second half of the episode we get some background on Tatsuya, Mai, and Sayaka's father, who's basically Indiana Jones, complete with flashbacks of scenes from the movies. Things go wrong when a cockroach appears and Feena decides to go all Rambo on it, in the end destroying most of the study and prompting a lecture from Sayaka.

Overall, this wasn't a bad episode, except for the Rambo part. Sure, exaggerated reactions to things can be funny, but somehow this just didn't work. Maybe because Feena's shown herself to be calm enough at other times that it's hard to imagine her trying to kill cockroaches with a machine gun--in the end, it just seems too out of character. If this was Magikano or Seto no Hanayome, it would have fit in with the insane comedy theme, but Yoakena isn't that type of series--to me it just felt like they went way too far.

The Good
- Sayaka's reaction when the President tells her she's like her daughter and Tatsuya, Feena, and Mai are like granddaughters to her...I'm thinking it's a bad thing to make Sayaka angry...
- Mai hallucinating butterflies.

The Bad
Feena + Rambo = DO NOT WANT

The Verdict
First half: Four stars
Second half: Two stars

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