Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 5

Is it just me, or does it look like Natsuki's lost the bottom half of her bikini here?

Feena and company go to the beach, which means it's swimsuit time! You'd think they'd have the A team animate the beach episode, but while most of it looked good, there were a few scenes in this episode that looked like something Konata mailed in on a postcard. Feena shows her l33t skills and perfectly cuts a watermelon, Takano-"sensei" pretends to be a shark and gets his ass beaten down, and everyone decides to take a cruise on Takano's boat. Unfortunately, the boat promptly sinks and strands them on what Takano assures them is a deserted island. Natsuki and Jin freak out, but Feena shows some leadership and reminds everyone they're only supposed to be gone for three days, so everyone will come looking for them soon. Feena and Tatsuya get some quality time alone, and Tatsuya finally makes the connection that Feena was the little girl from the moon he met a long time ago, and had promised to go visit someday. The next day it turns out the island wasn't deserted after all...and Takano gets another beatdown from the cast.

Not bad overall--still the occasional scene where the animation's a little off, but it's nothing like ep 3. Props to Tatsuya for remembering the childhood seems like 99% of the time the male lead can't remember until the very end (*cough* Yuichi *cough*).

The Good
- Swimsuits. Feena in a bikini is enough reason to watch this episode by itself.
- Good romantic moment with Feena and Tatsuya looking up at the stars.
- Sayaka going into yuri glomping mode on Karen when she gets sloshed.

The Bad
- The whole setup for getting 'stranded' was pretty forced...
- Some occasional lapses in animation quality - but compared to ep 3 this is gold.

The Verdict
Four and a half stars

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