Friday, July 06, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 6

They have a kid already?

Summer vacation is over, and Feena and Tatsuya keep spending time together and getting closer, although neither of them seem to realize it. They're eating ice cream together in a park when Tatsuya accidentally dumps some on Wreathlit, the mystery loli who's been shadowing them--in her mind, we can hear Wreathlit talking to "Fiacca-sama", who warns Wreathlit that Feena and Tatsuya can't be allowed to be together because the Earth and Moon getting closer will only lead to both of their destruction. Everyone but Feena and Tatsuya starts to notice they're acting more like they like each other--Wreathlit doesn't end up doing anything yet, but Sayaka reminds Tatsuya, and Karen reminds Feena, that they come from different worlds, implying they can't stay together. Both Feena and Tatsuya seem to accept this, but seem depressed as the episode ends...

A good, solid episode, on par with the first--the animation quality was high throughout, they did a good job showing how Tatsuya and Feena's relationship has evolved, and there's some angst thrown in at the end.

The Good
- All the Feena x Tatsuya moments.
- Plot getting into gear with some drama.
- Team Cabbage didn't work on the animation for this one.

The Bad
- For once, I can't think of anything.

The Verdict
Five stars.

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