Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 8

Feena prepares to kick Tatsuya's ass for leaving the toilet seat up.

Feena is moved by Tatsuya's confession, but can't reply right away, worried about the consequences--they go to Karen to get her to endorse their relationship, since Feena knows her father trusts Karen more than anyone else (or thinks he does anyway). Karen tells them their relationship could lead to serious issues between the Earth and the Moon, and says she will only evaluate their being together after a match between Feena and Tatsuya in kendo, a week from now. Tatsuya skips school and trains with Takano-sensei, who in addition to being an ecchi photographer turns out to be a kendo master. In the match against Feena, Tatsuya manages to hold his own for a little while, but Feena's skill level is too much and he loses. Karen says that's OK, she can see that they're both determined, and they'll need that determination to get past the obstacles ahead. At the end, Tatsuya and Feena go for a walk, and she tells him she likes him.

Overall, a good episode--I liked how Tatsuya didn't win the match, since Feena's been training her whole life and Tatsuya barely had any exposure to kendo, for him to be able to pull off a win after just training for a week would have been too unrealistic. The animation quality was just OK, though--it's like some of the earlier episodes where most scenes look fine, there's nothing cabbage-bad jumping out, but sometimes it's just a little off. Still, a solid episode as we start moving towards the climax.

The Good
- Good plot development, Tatsuya showing some guts and his relationship with Feena moving along well.

The Bad
- Occasional animation glitches.
- Takano-sensei's a kendo master? He's three feet tall! Maybe he's a master in Munchkin land, but it's got to be a bitch fighting when you have half your opponents' reach.

The Verdict
Four stars.

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