Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Not Quite Dead

For anyone who bookmarked this site, I apologize for not mentioning this sooner--but since lately I've only been able to come up with enough coherent thoughts to post maybe once a month, from here on out I'll probably just be posting intermittently over at Otaku Community Blog. There are several different authors there, so even if I don't post for a while there should always be something new to read.

It's been fun writing this over the last year and a half or so--but in the end, I think it's more fun reading or joining the discussion on other people's blogs (which are pretty much universally better-written than mine) than it is writing my own entries. If you have an hour or six, you can read my experience re-watching Yoakena--and don't forget to vote for Kagami! Saimoe may be kind of a challenge to vote in, but fortunately the Korean Moe Tournament makes it insanely easy with an English-language site.