Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Screw Elephants and Donkeys--Vote Moe!

Every year, I've read comments about Saimoe, the Japanese ultimate moe tournament, when they take the heroines (and minor characters) from every recent anime and throw them into matches against each other to see who reigns supreme as the most popular character. Kurogane has been providing SportsCenter-like coverage of the event in posts with results of each matchup--but actually voting in it is rather difficult. It's probably that I'm old and lazy, but the voting is Japanese-only, and takes place in threads on 2ch, which is about as user-unfriendly as you can get.

Fortunately, there is an alternative--we have the technology to make a moe tournament better, or specifically in Korea they do, where the Moe Tournament is in full swing. The elimination round started last week, with the final 64 characters duking it out, and they make it very, very easy to vote. Why should you vote? Well, unlike real voting, you don't have to worry about corrupt politicians screwing you over. I know that win or lose, Komaki Manaka is not going to sleep with an intern, start a war, or insult the intelligence of the electorate with political grandstanding. Manaka, win or lose, is Manaka, and that's why even up against Teana Hamster or whatever her name is, I voted for her.

How do you vote? Simplicity itself (well, simpler than Saimoe anyway). Go to this page, and download the code generator (if you're on a Mac you're out of luck--as a former Mac user, I feel your pain):

Launch the code generator, and click Generate, which will copy a long authentication code to the clipboard. Enter it in the Auth Code field and hit login and you're at the screen below.

From here, it's pretty simple--click "Result of Current Round" and then "Show all group" to see who has won this round's matches so far:

And then click "Voting Place" to cast your votes--the voting button is in Korean...but it's the only button to press, so it's pretty obvious what to do. No copying-and-pasting Moon Language into threads...this is how easy voting is supposed to be. Once you vote hit refresh and it'll show you who you voted for:

"Match Table" will show you all the upcoming matches--after this round ends, there will be new pairings of the 32 survivors, and so on until the winner is declared.

There's a new authentication code for each day, with the new voting day starting at 8am Pacific time. So if like me you work in a desk job with internet access, you can get into work, get coffee or whatever, run the executable to generate the current day's code, and vote away.

You can easily argue 'who cares about some popularity contest' and that's true, but it's still entertaining to me at least, to check each morning to see if my picks advanced or not--maybe it's a guy thing, but to me it's like anime crossed with March Madness, which in my mind is only a Good Thing. Too bad you can't bet on matches.

Mad props to you if you know which game the character on the main page comes from...


omo said...

"Japanese-only, and takes place in threads on 4chan"

2ch. not 4chan. 2ch. 4chan is some english language image board, 2ch is the largest internet text bbs in the world.

Korean moe tournament is fun stuff, but, well, it's not the same as Saimoe.

suguru said...

> 2ch. not 4chan. 2ch. 4chan is some english language image board, 2ch is the largest internet text bbs in the world.

Oops--you're right, of course, I corrected the post.

> Korean moe tournament is fun stuff, but, well, it's not the same as Saimoe.

In some ways I like the Korean format better, especially for the early rounds where 2 of 4 advance instead of 1 of 3 like Saimoe...but yeah, Saimoe will probably always be the best-known tournament.

wontaek said...

I had been pressing for Korean moe tournament format reforms to make it reduce the bad effect of random shuffling, which has its own merits, while keeping things interesting. If more people started voting there outside of Korea, they might start paying more attention to those serious questions like format, eligibility, and Moe-bun posts.

suguru said...

It's interesting that they just started making it easy to post there's now a link to the timeline graph of how the voting went. They even fixed the vote button on the English website so it says 'Vote' in English now--I'm impressed that they've taken the time to really make it easier for foreigners to vote, along with adding new features.