Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clannad Canned Bread

This has to be one of the strangest marketing tie-ins I've ever seen--vending machines that sell canned bread with Clannad characters on them (pictures here). The thought of canned bread is a little scary, but they really do sell anything and everything from vending machines over there...

Also, Zyl weighs in on YUA: Full Throttle and found it more entertaining than I did--I should really give ep 2 a chance with lowered expectations, just because I really want to like this series, even if I was unable to like ep 1. I suspect I've been Cursed by High Expectations on this one.


Kurogane Shiroikaze said...

YUA:FT is really only for the fanboys of the show.

Even as one who fell in love with anime thanks to the first incarnation of the series, I find the rest of the series totally contrived and pretty much illogical.

Like what tj_han says, to watch this show, you'll have to believe that the Bokuto-sho Traffic Departmant is "SWAT, Naval Diving Unit, Special Ops, SEAL, Ninja, Naruto, Bankai, Mecha, Gatekeepers and Sector 9 all rolled into one compact pretty unit stationed in a friendly neighbourhood police station."

suguru said...

That's very true...I think what killed me was there was no way it could live up to my memories of the OVA, but I'll have to give the next episode a chance.