Tuesday, November 13, 2007

D.C. II: When Side Characters Attack

It's official--Da Capo II is trying to kill me. It's not a quick, speedy death either. It seemed like it had such potential for greatness, with appealing characters, and (based on what I'd read about the game) a solid, dramatic plot, but instead, like a fresh doughnut with a creamy ear wax filling, what looked good at a glance is rapidly turning into something really hard to keep down.

There are a few things D.C. II has done well so far--the characters aren't bad (when they get screentime), the character designs are good, and the animation quality is decent, if not inspiring. So far they've forgone the love triangles, rectangles, or dodecahedrons common in bishoujo-game-to-anime series, with Yoshiyuki and Koko being monogamous and pretty much accepted as a couple by the rest of the cast (although Yume's a little annoyed...). On that count I have to give them points for originality.

However...then we get to the bad part, starting with the male lead, Yoshiyuki. Yoshiyuki is a perfectly nice guy--which also makes him perfectly boring. Compared to Junichi from the original Da Capo, he just has no edge at all. He rarely teases anyone, doesn't have a sarcastic bone in his body, and cries at sappy movies. There's nothing wrong with nice characters, but take Junichi and subtract the sarcasm and laziness and what's left, other than a pulse? The banter between Junichi and the rest of the Da Capo cast was great, but that's sadly missing completely from D.C. II.

The worst flaw so far, though, is the relentless focus on Koko. Koko is Kurumi from Pani Poni Dash--she's perfectly nice and all but jimi (plain) as hell. There's just not much potential for drama with her character in the spotlight. Not to mention focusing on one of the less popular characters would seem to be a bad recipe for selling a lot of DVDs. In a popularity poll for the game, Koko would rank well behind Otome, Yume, and Nanaka--but those three barely show up in the anime at all. Otome only cameos for a token second or two an episode, Yume gets a couple lines and that's it (an easy paycheck for Horie Yui, I guess), and Nanaka gets some screentime in episode 7, but other than that she doesn't get much attention either.

At first I thought Koko would get dumped halfway through the series, but they've focused on her for so long now that having Yoshiyuki dump her for another member of the cast would defy belief, since they've done nothing to develop Yoshiyuki's relationships with Otome or Yume (aside from the occasional Yume snippy-ness.) Minatsu has gotten some attention, but like Koko she's another one of the mostly forgettable "follow this route first so you can hurry up and get to the interesting people" side characters.

Koko's route in the game at least had a love triangle, but in the anime the only drama we're getting is the burning excitement of "Yoshiyuki and Koko: Will They Hold Hands?" I expect once the sakura tree comes into play we'll get some drama, but at this point they've done so little to develop Yoshiyuki's relationships with Sakura, Otome, and Yume that the drama is going to be seriously weakened. Unless they're going to cut the sakura tree story out completely, and really just make this The Koko Show--maybe that's the best I can hope for, with a "D.C. II Alternative" delivering the real drama in a later season.

You can do a solid, dramatic series in one cour, and I think Gift ~eternal rainbow~ is a good example--Gift started out with the introduction of the main love triangle, went through the side characters, and had a solid finish with the dramatic part of the story. But D.C. II so far seems like it's trying to compete with Shana II to put the audience to sleep, and the drama has been strikingly absent. Watching the original Da Capo, while some of the middle episodes you could argue wandered, the main drama/conflict was set up from the very beginning, versus D.C. II where it's nowhere to be seen halfway through.

Maybe, like Yoakena, on re-watch with lower expectations, I won't find D.C. II as frustrating, but right now I'm quickly moving into Disappointment territory. I'm hoping D.C. II will redeem itself towards the end, and as a Da Capo fan I'll definitely keep watching, but for now I'm baffled at the direction they're taking it.


Shirukii said...

I wholeheartedly agree, DCII had so much potential only to pick the most frustratingly boring character to focus on.

It's really too bad that Yoshiyuki decided to pass on Nanaka, or rather the other way around, but it was Yoshiyuki's apparent disinterest in Nanaka as anything other than a friend that caused her to back down.

I'm hoping the Asakura genes kick in and Yume makes her move, but this late into the series, it seems hopeless to think it will happen.

> like Yoakena, on re-watch with lower expectations

You actually put yourself through that monstrosity twice? Wow.

Lysander said...

You do these updates on now-airing anime series so much better than I do... I think I might just write for older series I've seen and leave the new stuff to you and possible one other author if you'd be cool with that >_<. For some reason I just can't get the feel for writing about things that haven't ended yet.

suguru said...

shirukii: Yeah, I've got to think they'll use the dramatic part of the sakura tree story from the game, which would make the last few episodes much more memorable than the rest of this has been...but I'm not sure they can pull it off...

Surprisingly Yoakena was better on re-watch, I think because I knew what I was in for...although The Cabbage, Feena/Rambo, and the Aliens were just as bad the second time around...

lysander: I've always thought I'm not good at writing about currently airing series, but sometimes it's fun to so I try anyway...but there are lots of anime bloggers who are much more entertaining to read ^_^