Monday, July 09, 2007

Cabbage Project: Yoakena 9

White Beret = +50 to moe

Tatsuya and Feena are all rabu-rabu, but back on the Moon things don't go well for Karen--"my father's most trusted subject" or not, Feena's father the King doesn't take the news Feena has fallen in love with an Earthling well, instead preferring to hand his daughter to Supreme Asshat Jurgen. Karen leaves but promises to try again--and promptly gets arrested on suspicion of treason, on Jurgen's orders. Back on Earth, Feena and Tatsuya go out on a date, but get attacked by Wreathlit, to transforms into a very Fate-looking Fiacca, who says she has to kill Tatsuya because otherwise the Earth and the Moon will get closer and fight again. In the end, Feena and Tatsuya convince her to give them more time, and Fiacca tells Feena that Karen has been arrested--Feena then resolves to go to the Moon and straighten things out.

The animation quality was uneven again, but again compared to episode three this is still perfectly watchable. I was about to complain that Feena never wears anything but her full-on princess uniform and her serafuku, but finally we see that she actually owns casual clothes, when she goes out on her date with Tatsuya. The Shirakawa Kotori-esque beret is an especially moe touch, I thought. Wreathlit finally takes action, although that scene felt a little drawn out--and Feena's father is looking like a major disappointment. How anyone with an IQ above room temperature could think Jurgen would make a good match for his daughter is beyond me--his lack of consideration for Feena's feelings and lack of trust in Karen are also pretty contemptible. It seems like Jurgen's the one who's really calling the shots, which can't be a good thing...

The Good
- Wreathlit finally does something.
- Beret + Lunar Princess = Instant Win. It worked for Kotori in Da Capo too.
- Mai's overactive imagination.

The Bad
- Sloppy animation at times.
- Feena's father is a lousy king.

The Verdict
Four stars.

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