Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Finished watching Manabi Straight yet again, and 'chubby rori' character designs or no, I love this series. Although this time I noticed Mikan's wearing a different hair pin right before going off to Oregon...but then when she's back over the summer she's back to the normal one so maybe it doesn't mean anything.

Also, on Ufotable's site they have a 'Ufotable cinema' image with Manabi at top left, although I'm not thinking the movie posters are for anything they're really working on. I would love to see a movie called Dokkoi vs Onsoku though...nothing's more subjective than what's funny, but both of those series make me laugh every time I watch them. Although Mei getting the cicada to "SHUT UP" in Manabi Straight is pure hilarious too.


ザイツェヴ said...

Manami's visions were the artistic highlight of the show, I'd say.

suguru said...

True--the scene when she started signing the school anthem in the first episode in particular was pretty amazing.