Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring Season Rambling

The spring season is more than halfway over already, and I haven't really posted much about it--part of that is blogging falls in my "do if bored at work" category and work has been somewhat busy, but another reason is the spring season just seems kind of underwhelming for me compared to fall/winter. No more Kimikiss, no more Minami-shimai, no more Hayate, no more Spice and/or Wolf...it's kind of depressing when you list out all the good shows that ended. But that's not to say spring is bad, it's just there aren't as many series that I'm eagerly waiting for each week.

Random thoughts on what I'm watching so far:

Tower of Druaga
When I first heard about this, I was excited by the 21st Century Digital Boy approach to distribution--English-subbed episodes up streaming at the same time as the series airs in Japan, officially sanctioned by the animation studio. It's like I fell asleep, slept through a decade of wars between anime producers and fansubbers, and woke up in The Future. But when I heard about the source material, it was hard to stay excited--is there any worse source for an anime series than a dungeon crawling RPG? Maybe a toaster oven's instruction manual would provide even less riveting plot points, but it's a close call. Having said that, ep 1 was truly epic and had me laughing out loud, and although since then it's been more serious than comedy/parody, so far I like the cast of characters and there's just enough comedy to keep me watching. With ep 10 things are looking much more serious, but at this point I've come so far I have to see where it ends. Although I don't get why with ep 10 they decided to try to drive everyone watching it on YouTube to Crunchyland with a big ass banner taking up the top half of the screen.

I've been waiting for this ever since they announced the game, and having read spoilers for the game I went in to the first season of Da Capo II expecting a solid, dramatic story--and instead got Koko looking worried, Minatsu going down on choco-bananas, and Yoshiyuki acting like an even more clueless version of Junichi. Yoshiyuki's still clueless in DC II Second Season, but at least DC II SS is finally delivering on the dramatic story part, and we're getting the spotlight on Otome, Yume, and Sakura where it belongs. Although as little personality as Yoshiyuki has, he's less deserving of the bishoujo who like him than Junichi was. I'm still a little worried FEEL will botch the ending, or that like DCSS, it won't have the same dramatic impact as the original Da Capo, but it's still fun to watch so far. As usual, Stripey has a better post on the subject than what I could write.

Kamen no Maid Guy
The whole concept of a Maid Guy, with rippling biceps and a maid's uniform, seems like something I'd rather stick my face in a fan than watch, but while it's 50% fanservice the comedy part can be pretty hilarious at times. Maid Guy Badges kick ass, although I sure as hell never want to go through what's required to earn one.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
I was really looking forward to this before the season began, since it seemed like the kind of comedy I usually love, with Galaxy Angel-like insanity--but while it definitely has its insane comedy moments, there's a serious side to it that kind of jars with the comedy, like it can't make up its mind what kind of series it wants to be. It's still fun to watch though, and some of the dramatic parts it does well--they definitely have guts trying to mix comedy and drama this way, because it's clearly not easy to pull off. Teika has to be my favorite character so far, he'd knock Simba on his sorry ass.

Penguin Musume
Not all that entertaining for me, but it's so short I can't help watching it anyway. I wish they'd parody some *real* anime and just beep the names out like Hayate, versus whatever made-up mahou shoujo series that Penguin watches. If nothing else, I learned from this series that "nankyoku" means "South Pole".

Needs more Mikan. But other than that, it's like watching a more-ecchi remake of Urusei Yatsura, which is nothing I'm going to complain about. Although I hope the voice actress for Lala uses a different voice for Nagi when Kannagi airs this fall.

Zettai Karen Children
Not quite as funny as Hayate, but it has its moments. Part of me hopes it'll run into a second season, part of me hopes it goes off the air soon so we can get Hayate back, since it's done by the same studio. They may be zettai karen, but they're not Hinagiku.


issa-sa said...

Wow, it's like you're watching all the 'fun' shows this seasons and not touching the more 'serious' ones (Kurenai, Kaiba, etc... Where is LIbrary Wars??).
And yes, don't we all want a Maid Guy badge? :P

suguru said...

That's true, you can tell I'm skimping on serious this season :) I've been meaning to check Library Wars out, thanks for reminding me...and I actually did watch the first half of Kurenai, now I'm waiting to marathon the rest once it's over.