Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Why Stop Anime Blogging?

(Hosaka, because it's the closest anime picture I can think of to represent middle-of-night feedings)

I realized I haven't posted *anything* here since June, which is kind of sad--I can't say that I'm completely retired, but I think it's pretty safe to say I'm on some kind of semi-hiatus. It's definitely nothing to do with my love of anime, which is still going strong, but although I can't imagine anyone bookmarked this site given my sucktastic writing skillz, I feel like I at least owe The Internet an explanation for why I'm not exactly cranking out posts anymore.

So without further ado, here's why this blog has gotten even more dame-dame than usual lately:

1. Real life, not to mention just watching anime, always takes priority over writing about anime

My wife and I were fortunate to have a beautiful baby girl recently, and between 4am feedings, changing diapers, trips to Babies R Us, posting pictures and videos for friends and family out of town, and just spending time staring at her, one definitely have to prioritize one's free time. For the record, the first anime she ever watched was episode 10 of Toradora, although since she was sleeping in my lap at the time, I'm not sure she sees how great a series it is :) To me, with less time for my anime hobby, actually watching it takes priority over writing about it, and that means less bloggage.

2. There are 8.9 million anime blogs out there already, and most are better than this one

This is probably the most daunting thing about anime blogging for me--in the old days, when BlogSuki fit a couple days worth of posts on one page, if you wanted to write about a series you didn't have to worry about writing up a post only to find someone else has said exactly what you wanted to say, only far better. For example, my favorite series this fall is Toradora, but the post at Anime Diet recently extolling its virtues did so far better than anything my sleep-deprived brain would be able to conjure up.

3. In some ways, I like forums better than blogs anyway

For D-list blogs like mine, you don't get the same conversations going that you get on more popular blogs or on anime forums like AnimeSuki. I don't know any anime fans in real life, so for me blogs and forums are a great way to have those conversations with other fans about series that we like, a substitute for hanging out by the water cooler talking about this week's episode of Two Tree Hill, Gossip Guy, or Dancing With Convicted Felons.

I'm not quite prepared to say I've given up blogging, but just wanted to explain the reason is not the anime burnout you sometimes hear about--I've been lucky in that each season without fail brings me something to really enjoy. For winter, I'm guessing that will be the new season of Minami-ke Okaeri, but the Anime Gods may yet surprise me.

(One side note now that I have a baby myself--the more I think about it, there really are no babies in anime at all, unless you count baby Jinto and Lafiel in the ED credits of Crest of the Stars. 80% of the anime population's high-school age, and the rest are lolis.)


Michael | Low on Hit Points said...

First of all, what's with the D-list talk? Went back and read some of your stuff, and it all seemed good to me. You're knocking yourself for no real reason.

Congratulations on the child. One post about her and you already sound like a good dad. I'm too young to be a dad (well, not technically), but I have a little brother over a decade and a half younger than me. They're so great when they're that age.

Back to the blog: it's just a blog. The internet doesn't have to be all "serious business." Even the best of anime blogs are small sites in the scheme of the whole net.

So I'd say, "who cares! Post whenever you feel like it." Can't treat a hobby like a job, so even if a subject's been posted about a million times, post about it yourself if it feels good to. No need to try and keep a posting schedule either. Post when you really feel like it is what I say!

Mike said...

Don't put yourself down, bud. :) I agree with the other Michael, just post what you like and when you feel like it. And you probably have a different perspective than I do, so don't feel put off...I say similar things that other bloggers say all the time.

And yes, congratulations on being a father. There are indeed things a lot more important than anime blogging out there.

Stripey said...

Grats on your baby girl!

Actually I share your thoughts about blogging too. With RL kicking in hard and the numerous other blogs reiterating your thoughts - only seemingly better, it does make one wonder about reinventing the wheel.

Except that you're not. It may sound anime-cliche but you and your blog are unique in the aniblog realm. For example you are the only fan I know who saw Yoakena Cabbage love twice and have something redeeming to say about it. You're also one of the very few honorable bishoujo enthusiast who enjoy 2D beauty in a way that's truly flattering and even healthy.

Like Michael, I'd say write when you feel like it. Remember,

Daughter/wife > anime > aniblogging :)

0rion said...

I absolutely agree. Real life and real priorities always have to come first. However, as long as you're still enjoying anime and still enjoying writing about it, there's nothing wrong with cranking out a post every once in a while.

As long your material continues to be interesting, and I definitely agree with the others in saying that you have something unique and worthwhile to say that has not already been said, other bloggers won't mind sharing some linkage or commentary. =D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your baby girl!

I remember your last post about the first season of Somedays Dreamer's. I had just done a similar post and when I checked to see if anyone else had talked about the show recently I saw yours and thought yours was better. I think deep-down almost anyone that creates anything will have a lower opinion about it then what other people will think of it.

I also think as long as you have the time to write something then you should because you have a perspective that's different from the vast majority of anime bloggers out there. So even you like a series that everyone else does, chances are that what you say will be different because of the difference in perspective.

Also, I don't know if you plan on trying to get your daughter hooked on anime as a baby but if you do that could be a source of many interesting posts. For instance, what's her take on Gurren Lagann? Or have you looked at what passes for children's shows in America - you could talk about anime shows that are good for younger viewers to watch.

suguru said...

@Michael | Low on Hit Points: Thanks--you're lucky you have a younger brother that age, from that experience you'll probably feel well prepared with a newborn later in life. Bringing her home from the hospital it was hard to believe they were letting us leave, when you consider neither my wife or I had really spent any time taking care of a newborn before, but I think day by day we're slowly getting the hang of it. And you're absolutely right about blogging, when I first started I found myself feeling like I "had" to post, but it's something that I should do for fun when the mood strikes me (and I have time, of course).

@Mike: Thanks for the kind words, I guess I hadn't thought about perspective being a difference, but thinking about it more if nothing else there probably aren't a lot of other anime fans in their 30s out there :)

> Daughter/wife > anime > aniblogging :)
This is very true :) I consider you an honorable bishoujo enthusiast also, and you're right, I guess surviving Cabbage Love 2x does make me unique :)

Thanks for the kind words--I don't think I'll be retiring, but I'll be posting when the mood/free time hits me, like everyone suggested.

> I think deep-down almost anyone that creates anything will have a lower opinion about it then what other people will think of it.
I'm sure you're right--it's probably easier to be critical of yourself. And yeah, although it'll be a while before she'll be able to actually watch anime, I definitely want to be able to introduce my daughter to it when she's ready, and getting that perspective will be interesting to see. I guess it goes back to what you and others mentioned about part of the appeal of blogs being getting to see other people's perspectives and opinions.

TheBigN said...

What everyone else said. Write whatever you feel like when you feel like it. It's all you, and you should make it as such. If your aim is to be well known, then I can understand the worry, but if you're writing for the fun of it (which is how I think it should be done), than express yourself as you see yourself, not how you want others to see you.

In other news, congratulations on the child. :P

Brian said...

You're right - blogging is supposed to be fun, and I just plan to blog when I feel motivated to and when RL permits.