Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Thoughts: Asu no Yoichi

So no picture, since I'm without my laptop at the moment - I know, it
seems like I'm violating a cardinal rule of anime blogging to write
about something without a screencap, but here goes anyway...

Asu no Yoichi is one of those series that I check out each season
without really having any expectations for it, and so far it's seemed
kind of average, delivering what looks like a typical harem
love-comedy, but with the twist of the male lead being a badass
old-school samurai who was raised in the mountains and is just
encountering modern life for the first time. It's an interesting
enough premise to keep me watching through episode 2, and Yoichi's not
a bad character, with God-like swordfighting skills and a generally
noble character that I think helps keep the viewer from getting
annoyed (since let's face it, there's nothing more obnoxious that a
lead like the guy in Girls Bravo who has few redeeming qualities but
still has bishoujo throwing themselves at him like he was either the
last man on Earth or a multi-billionaire).

The story's simple enough--Yoichi, who's been raised in the mountains
his whole life by his father, has no experience with modern life but
has learned everything his father can teach him, and become an
amazingly strong swordsman. But his father's concerned he needs to
experience the modern world to truly complete his training, so he
sends him to a dojo--which has four girls living there (an onee-san
type, tsundere, fujoshi, and loli). Yeah, this is where it sounds
really generic, since it looks like they're heading towards the girls
all liking Yoichi (surprise) and Yoichi getting in various
understandings due to his lack of common sense about the modern world.

It sounds like something I'd usually drop, except that it does manage
to be pretty funny at times, and the fanservice isn't as blatant as
you'd expect. Yoichi writing haiku like "the girl with small breasts
did her best" and not seeing anything wrong with that, cracks me up,
and the way he gets misunderstood and beaten down by the onee-san may
be predictable, but it's still entertaining and reminds me of Love
Hina a little (admittedly not a perfect series, but I have a little
nostalgia for Love Hina since it was one of the first series I saw
digisubbed when I got into anime). If Toradora's an A, Asu no Yoichi
is a C for me so far, but that's still passing so I'll stick with it
and see how it goes.

The Nullset sounds like he had about the same opinion as I did, giving
it a B- so far (but he actually has screencaps):

AnimeDiet also has a good point that the first episode was stronger
than the second...the second ep really did feel more generic, but I
guess I'm holding out hope it may get more interesting from here:

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