Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Thoughts: Rideback

I'm not usually a fan of anything with mecha (with a few exceptions)
and I'm not a CG fan either, but...somehow the first episode of
Rideback just sucked me in anyway. I guess I'm a sucker for unique
premises, and you don't get much more unique than a ballerina tearing
a ligament, quitting ballet, and ending up riding a sort-of humanoid
mecha motorcycle, presumably to one day fight against an oppressive
world dictatorship. The animation quality was just amazing the first
episode, the character designs have a retro feel (but I'm used to them
already), and while the storyline has the potential to get
serious/heavy I'm still addicted (yes, I know I usually avoid anything
with a serious plot and load up on rom-coms instead). The scene with
Rin and the sakura petals as she's starting her new life in college,
and especially how the whole scene with her first ride on the rideback
captured the exhilaration she felt--it was worth watching for those
two moments alone. Yeah, the whole rebel group taking over the world
thing was a little far-fetched, but you could argue the very design
and concept of most mecha are pretty impractical and far-fetched too.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but agree with you.... I always like anime with a unique premises.. and this one has I'll definitely wait for the next episode with anticipation.

suguru said...

Yep, looking forward to the next episode...don't know which way they're going to go with this, but it's definitely hooked my interest so far...