Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Thoughts: White Album

So far, I like the character designs and the setting, the animation
quality is solid too, and the characters have some potential...but
it's not a Toradora-level cast that I really look forward to seeing
again each week. My biggest fear with this is when I hear people
comparing the male lead, Touya, to Takayuki from KGnE--based on that,
it's hard for me not to think this has train wreck written all over
it. I think in the end, I'm just not a big dorama fan, and that'll
probably ruin this for me--I dropped KGnE pretty fast and if Touya
starts playing the field out of indecisiveness the way I think he
will, I'll probably be dropping this too. Still, for now since I'm
not watching *that* much this season, I'm curious enough to give it a
few episodes.

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Stripey said...

I just hit ep 2 and already head-over-heels in love with Rina. For the story sake, I hope Yuki wins out eventually but not before Rina throws in some good drama dilemma for Touya :)